Ramblings…(thoughts on paper – or Paper Thoughts ;)

Well, well, well…I finally had a week where I got all my work done (almost). Lately it seems there’s been a steady stream of activity which can take on the appearance of actually getting work done. But, don’t be fooled. Lots of activity doesn’t necessarily lead to lots of production. Sometimes my week is simply filled with answering questions, phones, talking to people who come in the door, taskers that creep their way in, but aren’t really a part of the workload No way. But this week I feel very productive!

My garden is completely gone, finished, fertig, Bitmiş, закончена, Færdig,  Terminé, Завършени, 成品, Zakończone. (Sorry, got a little carried away there :))  I harvested the last of the cayenne and bananna peppers last week. 😦 It’s sad…. I’m waiting for some cooler weather to go out there and pull up all the dead stuff, plant some rye seed in there and close it down for the Winter.

Speaking of weather and Winter…where did our cold weather go? It was sooooo nice! I was ready to buy hot chocolate and haul out all my sweaters, scarves and mittens! It was actually hot and humid today Scared .  I want the cold weather back, I’m sooo ready for Winter!

Two of my dogs have some kind of skin irritation going on. It hasn’t been very pleasant for them. They always get this during the summer months…just another reason why I’m ready for cold weather to come.

Tonight we’re having Chicken Alfredo, Lasagna, garlic bread and watching The Office! Only the best show outdone only by Gilmore Girls (my all-time favorite)!

Well, there’s my ramblings for the evening. I’m outta thoughts for now…but I’m sure I’ll have lots more in a couple of days. Until then…

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