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Getting Back into Drawing..

I’ve always loved to draw, but over the last 10 years or so life got  busy and so I had given it up…but Christmas has brought me back into it as I decided to draw one of my Christmas presents. … Continue reading

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Buried Treasure…

Ever notice that when you live somewhere for a while that beautiful, spectacular things tend to go unnoticed even though they are right under your nose. Things that people pay big bucks and travel many miles to see become mundane … Continue reading

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Guess what??

…contrary to popular belief…the oil is NOT gone yet! 😦

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For those that think the oil is gone…

Take a look at this video…this was filmed on August 6th (Day 109)…

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BP & US Government…a toxically malignant relationship

My heart is heavy as I write this post. It seems that the more research I do, the more disheartening the news is. I had no idea that our government has had this malignant relationship with big oil companies. Just … Continue reading

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Day 87… Let’s check the Integrity of the well…we already know BP has no integrity…

Four days ago BP removed the old cap on the well and fit a new one on top. Now they will test the cap & well itself to see if the “integrity” of it is good enough to actually close off … Continue reading

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Don’t be fooled…all that glitters is not gold! Day 80

“Because this disaster is unfolding beneath the surface, it is occurring out of sight.” ** “Underwater clouds of oil and methane gas have now been confirmed as originating from the BP blowout after weeks of denial. One of these clouds … Continue reading

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