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There’s something that I’ve thought about. Not that it’s consumed my thoughts or anything, but it has crossed my mind on more than one or two occassions…”how is it that people slam their fingers in car doors?” I mean, really? … Continue reading

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Kelso playing in the sprinkler

Here’s Kelso playing in the Sprinkler…I think we’re going to have to take him to the bay soon to play in the ocean again! more about “Kelso playing in the sprinkler“, posted with vodpod

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Kelso, Joey, Jazmin, Lady

Here’s a video of the dogs to show you how much fun energy they have 🙂  and just how feisty Joey is!! more about “Kelso, Joey, Jazmin, Lady“, posted with vodpod

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Next comes Kelso….

…Kelso was actually named after the character on “That 70’s Show” (Ashton Kutcher)  … and the personality actually fits Kelso has an interesting story behind him. Vanessa had a friend who had possession of this dog — part pitbull and … Continue reading

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As Promised…More about My PETS :)

…or should I say Zoo?!     I left off before with Jazmin, so I guess the next dog to talk about is our little Joey. Joey is an overgrown “Chihuahua”  hmmmmm……well, at least that’s what they told us at … Continue reading

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More Garden shots…

I’m sorry, but I’m just so excited about my little garden. I have wanted one for so many years and now FINALLY…I get to have one! So, please bear with me as I post (yet more) pictures of my little … Continue reading

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Here ya go, Lisa!! (and anyone else that wants them)

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