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My Loaches have grown….

just thought you’d like to see 🙂  

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Feel like a new recipe?

It’s called Tangy Almond Chicken Kabobs and you can find it over on my other blog… Morning Coffee . Here’s a sneak peak: If you’re interested in how to make these, hit the link above and head over to my … Continue reading

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Pocketful of Rocks!

As I was driving into work today I heard a song playing on the radio that touched my heart deeply. I was reminded again of God’s mercy towards me and the depth of His mercy brought tears to my eyes … Continue reading

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Bird Love – A sad tale

This is a love story of two birds….it’s a sad love story, so be prepared to cry. But it’s so sweet to see how the one tries to help his mate. I am reblogging this from a blog named Dou … Continue reading

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Provoking to wrath…

Sigh…let me just start by saying that this subject, in my life, has worn itself out! I’ve dealt with it so much that it had become one of those things that I felt I had to bury deep deep away … Continue reading

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My Baby Ram is growing up…

My baby Blue Ram Cichlid is growing up. She’s starting to come into her colors as well. I know she’s a she because I did a little research and the females have blue spots over their black spots on the … Continue reading

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Jenny’s Create a Pasta Dish…

I’ve got a wonderful dish for you that was created by my daughter, Jenny. Go on over to my other blog Morning Coffee and see the dish for yourself. If you like Pasta, I know you won’t be sorry. It’s … Continue reading

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