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I’m coming back…

After quite a long absence…I’m coming back to the blogging world. I am hoping to begin blogging again soon with a whole new focus. Looking forward to connecting again with my blogging friends and reviving my blog with a fresh … Continue reading

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For the Love of God…

“No, you can’t come home!” / “You’re life is worthless” / “You have made your own bed, now lie in it” / “Unless you follow our rules, you are not welcome here” / “You have embarrassed your family, so we … Continue reading

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Always Follow Your Instincts!

Okay so I’m going to tell you a story. I do realize that story time was Monday. But, I missed Monday because my whole week has been Topsy-Turvy and I really didn’t write much of anything this week. So, you … Continue reading

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5 Minute Friday – confusion

There’s someone in my life who I keep hoping for better out of and yet all they bring is confusion. One time they will be super nice, the next time they’ll do something that just throws your whole world upside … Continue reading

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If Only….

My song for the day ….

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Lady Diana Van Patten August 7, 1997 – March 9, 2012

Well enough time has passed that I can actually sit down and think about Lady without my heart feeling so extremely sad and tears coming to my eyes. So I decided to go ahead and write her story to memorialize … Continue reading

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Hey Mom….We Found Her!!!!

That’s what my dogs seemed to be saying to me when I opened the door and my dog, Jazmin and Vanessa’s dogs, Kelso & Autumn, came running to greet me! They were panting heavily, but excitedly and seemed extremely happy. … Continue reading

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