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Brobee Baby!!

This Monday will be Oli’s first Halloween, so Jenny and I are busily sewing him a none other than –  Brobee costume. If you’re not sure who Brobee is, check out         Yo Gabba Gabba. This is seriously Oli’s absolutely favorite … Continue reading

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Here Fishy Fishy…

I have a few new pets. They live in a big glass container in my living room. You can’t really pet them and all they do is swim around all day, but oh how relaxing it is to watch them… … Continue reading

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Alligator on a stick…

…and it was yummy! I never go into a restaurant craving alligator. I don’t think the words “oh I really want some alligator” have ever gone through my mind when I’m thinking about what to cook for supper. It’s not … Continue reading

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I read a blog this morning over at “Sparky’s Place” that once again renewed a desire for  a proper perspective in me. (Sparky has a way of inspiring me with her posts). I say ‘renewed a desire’ because for some … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Castles in the Air…

Who hasn’t ever laid in the grass and looked up at the clouds picturing bunnies and cars and ships and cotton candy. Or looking out at the clouds from up above in an airplane, it looks like you could jump … Continue reading

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Chicken Pot Pie

Tonight I’m sharing a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie. Just follow the link to my cooking blog for the recipe. It very easy and perfect for those cool fall nights when you want homemade comfort food! It was very yummy … Continue reading

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An English Florida Day….

This whole weekend (including today) has reminded me of living in England. The overcast skies, the cool, drizzly weather all make me want to sit in a cozy little tea shop and have some clotted cream with scones and some … Continue reading

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