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I’m coming back…

After quite a long absence…I’m coming back to the blogging world. I am hoping to begin blogging again soon with a whole new focus. Looking forward to connecting again with my blogging friends and reviving my blog with a fresh … Continue reading

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New Blogging Topics

Okay, so I have joined this blogging challenge, but I get a minute to write and I sit here staring blankly at the computer screen with thoughts that are not worthy of a blog. UGH! So, I decided that I … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy…

Kelso, Autumn, bed. Naughty, Naughty, Naughty! Caught, Caught, Caught. Oh so Guilty! These aren’t sentences. Busy, busy, busy. Hope this counts!

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Doggy wins…

Tonight I was watching a movie called Limitless and it was just getting to an intense part when my two dogs, who had been contently sleeping on the rug while I watched my movie, decided they needed something. They got … Continue reading

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Well, I have a post that I’ve started, but it’s not quite done yet. Sometimes I sit down to write and the words just flow. What I put down on paper (virtual) is usually what I publish without changing much. … Continue reading

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It’s a New Day…

I know I’ve been gone for 8 days now. For blogging purposes, that means I’ve missed 8 whole days of the challenge to blog daily! Which also means that I’m dragging around lots of toilet paper on my shoe (I’ve … Continue reading

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If I were a genre….

…of music that is…what would I be? Well, I didn’t really know, so I asked a few people what they thought and all of them said Indie…so I guess I’m Indie…independent, wants to be different,  relaxed….well I guess I’m all those … Continue reading

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