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Oma and Oli are up to something….

But you can’t see what it is on this blog, you have to follow the link below to my other blog … See you over there 😉 Morning Coffee

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Never Say Never…

Yesterday we had quite a few bags of recycling, due to the fact that I hadn’t put the recycling out for two weeks. That’s right, I said bags. We use CLEAR plastic leaf bags because we have two garbage cans … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

This is becoming a really bad routine my older dog is getting into…every night she pants and pants and spins circles and pants some more and spins some more circles then tries to climb on top of me…all the while … Continue reading

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Doggie Panick Attacks … and other stuff…(Sunday challenge post!)

Okay, okay, I know I’m late…but I actually fell asleep while writing this post. You see…. I have a doggie who lately has panic attacks. She has been panting and shaking and freaking out all day today. She follows me … Continue reading

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One Man’s Junk…

You know what they say…”One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” That’s what I love about garage sales! Most of the time when I go garage sale hopping I mostly do find junk that I really don’t need. But every … Continue reading

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“We’ve got a computer down”…

Well, my computer is officially gone on to the world beyond where all good little computers go….okay, not really, but it does need some help! I won’t say who or how, but some liquid got spilled on the keyboard. At … Continue reading

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Here’s one of the videos…where there’s a will….there’s a way…

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