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Morning Dance . . .

Rainy weather doesn’t dampen the spirits of my Clown Loaches….not one little bit. Every morning they do a little dance…happy to be alive! This morning I  thought I’d share their dance with you. 🙂  

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My Loaches have grown….

just thought you’d like to see 🙂  

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My Baby Ram is growing up…

My baby Blue Ram Cichlid is growing up. She’s starting to come into her colors as well. I know she’s a she because I did a little research and the females have blue spots over their black spots on the … Continue reading

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To pass the time…

I have been working on another blog, but it’s just not done yet. So, I thought I’d give you a few videos of my fish to bide the time :). This first video is my pleco and one of my … Continue reading

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My Little Clown Loach Family

Okay, I know you’re all getting sick of seeing my aquarium, but I just had to show you one more thing because I got my two new clown loaches. Now they are a little family! At first they didn’t seem … Continue reading

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Ghost Shrimp..

I wasn’t going to post  any more pictures or videos of my aquarium, at least not for awhile, but my ghost shrimp suddenly made an appearance tonight. He usually hides for days….sometimes I don’t see him for weeks at a … Continue reading

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Another Fishy Post…

Okay, I’m sorry, but I’m not done telling you about my Cory’s and another fish that I still want to add to my aquarium. You can see that I’m going to need to get a much bigger tank! I’m starting … Continue reading

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