Bravo! Award #4

Bravo! Award #4 goes to:

A new U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service program that would pay producers in eight states to begin flooding as many as 150,000 acres of fallow fields this summer and harvested fields this fall.

I came across this story about how the rice farmers in NE Louisiana are considering re-flooding their fields so that when the birds begin to migrate south they would stop here instead of traveling on to the oil-soaked marshlands of the Gulf. Each field costs $75.00 per acre to flood. But how wonderful if this works!This would save alot of ducks, geese and other migrating birds’ lives!!

Other states that are also enrolled in the program are  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. Yay for this program and for all these farmers who are willing to do this in order to provide a safe haven for the migrating birds. I think this effort definitely deserve an award! Bravo!!

 Here’s the full story!

Flooded ricefield of Louisiana

Flooding a Ricefield

Blue-winged Teal on a Texas ricefield

Sunset on a Louisiana ricefield


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