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Mary, Mary…quite contrary…

…how does your garden grow? Mine will grow because of lots of hard labor, sweat and sore muscles…thanks to my son, Chip (who moved all this dirt by hand in a wheel barrow), my DIL, Heidi (who brought us ice-cold … Continue reading

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Dumm Kopf Award – Challenge Day #4

Okay…I had a whole other post prepared for tonight….then my friend Holly sent me a link to something that definitely took precedence over what I had prepared. Take a look at what Congressman Hank Johnson, from Georgia, had to say … Continue reading

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Guess what??

…contrary to popular belief…the oil is NOT gone yet! 😦

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Day 139…

I am not promoting this site…I don’t know these people…but I saw this video and it sure does make you wonder exactly what is going on down there, under the water, on the ocean floor! I’m not trying to be … Continue reading

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BP & US Government…a toxically malignant relationship

My heart is heavy as I write this post. It seems that the more research I do, the more disheartening the news is. I had no idea that our government has had this malignant relationship with big oil companies. Just … Continue reading

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Day 87… Let’s check the Integrity of the well…we already know BP has no integrity…

Four days ago BP removed the old cap on the well and fit a new one on top. Now they will test the cap & well itself to see if the “integrity” of it is good enough to actually close off … Continue reading

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Day 83 Gobbledygook…

Please watch this video…where Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), fights to get a bill passed that would STOP the use of Corexit in the Gulf (YES!!!!) … but as you watch him plead his case very compellingly…also notice (at the end) how the … Continue reading

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