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If Only….

Just two little words! If and Only … just small little words that by themselves don’t really mean that much. [if] is a conjunction and can mean in case that, even though, or whether. [on·ly] can be an adverb meaning … Continue reading

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Sushi and Good Company …

Sushi night at Harbor Docks…win! With Vanessa & Jasmin…win, win!! Girls night (so $2 off sushi and $2 off drinks) and a live band ….win, win, win!!!

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Einen Hauch von Deutschland direkt hier bei mir zu Hause…

Excitement, excitement excitement! We have a visitor here at the house…but not just any visitor….we have a visitor from Germany! Our old neighbor, Jasmin is visiting through Thanksgiving and her parents are coming in November. (Ihre Eltern sind im November … Continue reading

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1, 2, 3 … A, B, C …

I was thinking that if I went back to the basics for a little bit and not only decluttered my life, but simplified it as well that maybe life would be a little easier. So, I’ve begun the process of … Continue reading

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Just a page in the Saga…

You ever feel like life surrounds you constantly with the same ‘ole stuff? You strive and you strive and work and work…feeling like it’s uphill all the way…all to find out you got on the wrong bike? Here you’ve been … Continue reading

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Perfect Night….

There are many elements that make for a perfect night and each perfect night is made perfect by different things. Sometimes it’s something very simple. Sometimes it spending time with friends. Sometimes it’s spending time with family. Normally when it’s … Continue reading

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Whooooo Are We…Who Who?

I love to read and I actually have several books started….but haven’t actually finished any of them. However, one book has really caught my eye and I read half of it tonight. It was sooo good because it was about … Continue reading

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