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Oxymoron = BP is honest. They just keep proofing themselves to be underhanded and dishonest, pouring toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, making people sick and then saying “we didn’t do anything wrong”. Don’t know what to say anymore…shaking my head … Continue reading

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Guess what??

…contrary to popular belief…the oil is NOT gone yet! 😦

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Zuni the cat…waiting for you!

We found a new kitty….well, I should say Matt found a little kitty. She appears to be under a year, but I will know more once I take her to the vet to get her shots. She is sooooo sweet. She loves … Continue reading

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For those that think the oil is gone…

Take a look at this video…this was filmed on August 6th (Day 109)…

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Wisconsin – breaking constitutional law??

I’ve seen some stuff on facebook concerning the issue in Wisconsin that people will be fined if they speak out against (or for) a politician after August 15th, so before I jump to any conclusions myself, I decided to check into it … Continue reading

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Day 139…

I am not promoting this site…I don’t know these people…but I saw this video and it sure does make you wonder exactly what is going on down there, under the water, on the ocean floor! I’m not trying to be … Continue reading

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