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Good thing I’m a Leo ;) …

Persistence does pay off … eventually! I can be very persistent, and in this case, it just might be paying off. My “never say die” attitude can also get me in trouble, but I think I might be actually making … Continue reading

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Sad, Sad Day….

Tonight, I can’t stop thinking about my Lady over at NAC in quarantine. 😦 😦 😦 😦 I have replayed the scenario of me telling the story (to the vet) about what happened between the puppy and Lady. Each time … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Sunshine :))))

Don’t let my title fool you…it does NOT describe my day today. However, as I was thinking of titles the only title that kept coming to mind was “Day from Hell” … so, maybe the above title is a little more attractive … Continue reading

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