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My Baby Zebra Finches :)

Life has been very busy around my house lately. Some of it is due to getting a new big dog (named Crosby) who is still in puppy stage (although almost full-grown) and needs lots of training, and some of it … Continue reading

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Baby Hawks :)

This site is so cool…it is a live stream from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. This is a camera positioned on the GeoScience Building that is streaming live a family of Red Tailed Hawks 🙂 Enjoy! Live Stream of … Continue reading

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Bird Love – A sad tale

This is a love story of two birds….it’s a sad love story, so be prepared to cry. But it’s so sweet to see how the one tries to help his mate. I am reblogging this from a blog named Dou … Continue reading

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To pass the time…

I have been working on another blog, but it’s just not done yet. So, I thought I’d give you a few videos of my fish to bide the time :). This first video is my pleco and one of my … Continue reading

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To bathe or not to bathe…

Thought I’d switch it up a bit and give you some videos of my new little Zebra finches. I have 4 of them, two males and two females….so be ready for me to ask you if you want some when … Continue reading

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Beautiful Sunset…

It was a long day at work today (and all week). So when 5:00 rolled around I decided to take the long way home so that I could drive by the bay. I could see over the treetops that the … Continue reading

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Awww… These kind of stories always renew my trust that there are kind-hearted men out there 🙂 . Enjoy the video. This reminds me of my sweet Sufan, the squirrel that I rescued. Sometime I’ll blog about that… Posted from … Continue reading

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