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Mushrooms & Fingerlings

I was recently given a cook book from some good friends (Jassie & Daniel). This cookbook is from Williams-Sonoma called Vegetable of the Day. It’s by Kate McMillan and has 365 delicious recipes for cooking vegetables. I wanted to share … Continue reading

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Yummy Vegetarian Eating…

I love adventures. Sometimes adventures come in the form of a road trip… sometimes they come in the form of a good book… sometimes they come in the form of moving across the country… or sometimes they come in the … Continue reading

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If You Build it…

Breathing heavily under the weight of the wooden planks, she dragged them into place. Her muscles already felt like they were going to explode from the formidable task of unloading the truck’s heavy cargo, but now she had to drag … Continue reading

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Relativity of Life…

You ever notice that when you’re a kid, that life looked a whole lot different than it does now? Things were so much bigger, never out-of-reach, and you felt like you had more power…you could do anything if you just … Continue reading

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My Garden…Part 2

I think I left off with the word PAINSTAKINGly! (: taking pains : expending, showing, or involving diligent care and effort). That’s putting it mildly. For 4 weeks I hand dug out 3 big black, 33-gallon-sized, garbage bags of these … Continue reading

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My Garden :) – Part 1

I finally did it!! What did I do? Well, I got my garden planted. If you haven’t talked to me lately, then you don’t fully understand the struggle that I’ve had with this issue….let me explain. For those of you … Continue reading

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