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Five Minute Friday! Organize!

This blog was inspired by Kayla … I think I will try to do this every Friday…at least now I think that, we’ll see if I can keep up. I am taking a break at work, so my 5 minutes might … Continue reading

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To Groom or not to Groom

Most of you know my big Leonberger/Great Pyrenees mix doggie that I  have, and love, named Crosby! Here’s my boy: He’s a beauty with his long silky human-like hair…but he’s also a big goofball who loves to be outside. He … Continue reading

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Crosby, Oh Crosby!

I totally understand how Crosby (my rescue dog) became a stray…(not excusing his previous owners, because if he got out of the yard they should have searched until they found him… but…). Crosby likes to go out at 5 in … Continue reading

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Lady Diana Van Patten August 7, 1997 – March 9, 2012

Well enough time has passed that I can actually sit down and think about Lady without my heart feeling so extremely sad and tears coming to my eyes. So I decided to go ahead and write her story to memorialize … Continue reading

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Hey Mom….We Found Her!!!!

That’s what my dogs seemed to be saying to me when I opened the door and my dog, Jazmin and Vanessa’s dogs, Kelso & Autumn, came running to greet me! They were panting heavily, but excitedly and seemed extremely happy. … Continue reading

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I Think We’re Keeping the Gate….

….what do you think? Haha… Maybe we could tape it back together if we decide to return the pet gate 🙂 😉

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Jottings from A Day in My Life – Day 5

Well, I dug the hole yesterday after work. After it was all dug, I cried. Crying is a good thing though and I think it’s a part of the process of dealing with grief. I’d show you a picture of … Continue reading

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