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Crosby, Oh Crosby!

I totally understand how Crosby (my rescue dog) became a stray…(not excusing his previous owners, because if he got out of the yard they should have searched until they found him… but…). Crosby likes to go out at 5 in … Continue reading

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My Baby Zebra Finches and Crosby and Jazmin :)

This morning when I woke up I gave the birds fresh water and decided to film the babies in their nest My external keyboard all of a sudden stopped working (probably batteries) so I’m typing on the laptop itself which … Continue reading

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Crosby, oh Crosby…

Today I looked out the window and this is what I saw…. Crosby totally enjoying life. I thought he was looking at me kinda funny the other day as I sat in that chair petting him. I guess he figured … Continue reading

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Jottings from A Day in My Life – Day 4

Well, I just realized that I never told you what Crosby means and why I picked it. I was talking to my daughters about names. We were kinda leaning towards Rufus (which means red-head) and then they both suggested that … Continue reading

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