Pests, pests, pests….

Well, I’m kinda discouraged about my garden this year! I have gone totally organic and I am not having much luck with my squash…in fact, I think the squash & the cucumbers are going to be a bust this year!

There are two pests in particular that I can’t seem to control! The first one I’ve already talked about – the squash bug:


These squash bugs seem to be somewhat under control with the Neem Oil. At least the Neem Oil appears to have stopped them from being able to lay eggs.

But now I’ve discovered a new pest and maybe they are related, I’m not sure, but this pest is a worm and they have eaten all the leaves on my cucumbers and my summer squash. I was too discouraged by this to give you a picture of my destroyed crops :(.

Here’s the picture of these little culprits:


These little worms look like inchworms, but they don’t move like them. They have little webs that they build and you can see some eggs on the leaves too! Oh my goodness…I’m so discouraged that my squash and cucumber crops are ruined!! 😦

I’ve never planted totally organic seeds before and I know this is the reason that I’m having such trouble! I should have done more research before I planted my organic garden…but I was so excited to get started and I also started so late in the season that I was anxious to get them in the ground. Didn’t realize there were so many critters that love squash and cucumbers! 😦

If anyone has any experience with planting organic veggies – and how to control the bugs – I’m ALL EARS!! Please share your experience with me…I’m novice to the organics, but I will not grow the gmo/pesticide ridden veggies anymore…therefore, I have no choice but to move forward and educate myself. PLEASE HELP!! SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE with organics with me! I need help!!

On a brighter note…the evil pests have not touched my green beans, peas, tomatoes or sweet peppers! I am very grateful!!

Here’s my beans:


and my peas…


Sorry for the blurriness….I couldn’t get my phone to focus on the pea! But you get the idea…pea pods and beans with NO BUGS!! 🙂

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12 Responses to Pests, pests, pests….

  1. Man. That sucks about the squash and cucumbers! I planted organic cucumbers in the spring and they seemed fine with just some marigolds next to them. The bugs pretty much left them alone. At least the whole garden won’t be a bust! 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Yes, that’s true! It could be that I’ve had such a problem because I didn’t plant until July! Next year I’m also ordering organic flowers to plant right in the boxes with my veggies. I’ve planted marigolds on the outsides of my boxes (in seperate containers – so as not to contaminate my veggies) but they need to be right in with the veggies.

  2. lammilee says:

    Hey Sis…so sorry these buggets are getting the best of you. Look at my Pinterest qboard called, ‘Just Grow It And They Will Come’…there are all kinds of things from companion planting to natural homemade remedies. Pin them to your garden board for easy access.

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you Sis! I will check out your interest! I need to learn how to do this organically…no other choice really…I’m not using pesticides…there’s got to be a way!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Niceville Garden Center sells a powder called Di-pel that is a biological agent for killing anything that chews leaves, like various caterpillars. It’s great for organic gardening and works really well, though you’ll have to apply it after the leaves get wet and it washes off.

  4. Victoria says:

    Calendula marigolds, praying mantis, ladybugs, wolf spiders….on the list for next year!!

  5. thefolia says:

    I’m trying to figure growing healthy too, try companion planting…happy, healthy growing and harvesting.

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