Garden Woes…with silver bells and cockle shells

My oh my, I have discovered something that I’ve never had to deal with before! I’ve grown squash and plenty of vegetables and have never experienced the super, plentiful bugs that I experienced this year! Sheesh!

Let’s start with the squash bug… This is my new discovery this year. Of course this has been the year of all the bugs in Florida! I don’t know if it has been because of all the rain, but bugs are everywhere this year. The Mosquitos will pick you up, carry you away and eat you for dinner! The fleas are everywhere this year and are resistant to all forms of control except trifexis! So why did I expect any different in the garden? Partly should have expected it since this is the first year that I have grown ENTIRELY GMO-free and organic vegetables! Since these veggies’ seeds have no pesticides already in them, my poor plants are have been totally on their own defensively … And the bugs have been having a hay day!

Here’s the culprit – the squash bug! I’ve seen these little red bugs crawling all over my squash plants!




I hand picked each little bug off and squished them… Then I began to realize that they’d laid about a million eggs on so many leaves! Oh my goodness! So I pinched off all the leaves covered in eggs and put them a zip-lock gallon-sized plastic bag …I filled two bags! Ugh. Then I went inside and googled this little insect and found out it will be a battle that I will have to fight all summer long! If I did not get it under control I would have NO squash crop! These little creatures LOVE squash :(.

Here’s my healthy squash plant:


Here’s what these little Red Devils can do to a healthy plant in just two days:


Then they lay their eggs everywhere!! On the leaves, on the ground… Oh my gosh!!!



But this girl doesn’t get defeated easily and these little pests just made me step up my game. Google truly is my friend! After I’d hand picked all the bugs off the plants and removed as many eggs as I could, I got online and googled organic ways to defeat these creatures! Most people said all you can do is hand-pick them off and remove all eggs. Then I found a forum and someone mentioned Neem Oil

I don’t know if this will really work, but I’ve sprayed all of my squash this morning with a mixture of 1 TBLS to 2 quarts water. We’ll see what happens! Hopefully, I can defeat these little Red Devils!

Fortunately, I found out that when this bug is red it is still young, when it becomes an adult, it looks like this:


On a brighter note, my green beans are doing really well and starting to flower! Yay! The squash bugs don’t seem to even care about the green beans, for which I am very grateful!!



Moral of this story…always squash those squash bugs!!! 😉

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