…How Does Your Garden Grow?

20130817-100547.jpg Every time I have gone outside to work on my garden this week, it has rained! I’m so dead serious – even when there was no sign of rain in the sky, if I go work in my garden, the clouds come and the rain starts! So, I guess you can blame me for all this rain that we’ve had because I am determined to get my garden up and running!!

The vine you see growing over the arbor to my garden is a wisteria vine! I’ve always loved wisteria and wanted to incorporate that somehow. It hasn’t bloomed yet, but it’s still a young plant, I suspect that next year it will bloom.


These are my green beans. They have already (overnight) taken a liking to their new trellis and have begun to climb it! I just got that trellis up – while it rained – and with at least 10 Mosquitos on each leg despite the many citronella candles and torches that I had burning (in the rain). But determination and perseverance is something I was gifted with and so I didn’t let a little rain, a few dozen Mosquitos, nor a little thunder rumbling in the distance stop me from getting my trellis’ up. And NO, you don’t get a picture of the drowned rat that I looked like after I was done 😛 .


Here are my peas! I love peas and I can’t wait to have some, raw, right from the garden – on my salad!! The peas are not quite as aggressive about climbing the trellis as the green beans are, however, they are sending out their runners and will find it eventually! 🙂


This is a close up of the bean leaves strictly for your enjoyment. I just love how water droplets look on leaves! It makes me happy! 🙂


My squash! Yum, yum, yum…


Then one of my favorites.. The tomato section! They are still very small, but I have 6 big boy tomatoes and 6 black cherry tomato plants and I can’t wait! There is NOTHING like the flavor of a tomato right from the garden!! Oh my! More on my tomatoes later! But I love my yellow cages, don’t you? 🙂


Here are my eggplants… They are doing good and will be a wonderful addition to our world of vegetables! Eggplants have the prettiest flowers and I can’t wait to post some pictures of the beautiful lavender flowers!! This fall when I harvest my eggplants there will definitely be moussaka on the menu!!

I didn’t get a picture of my spinach or my Boston leaf lettuce, but they are coming up too! Also I have several rows of sweet peppers that are doing just fine 🙂 .


Lastly, but if course not least, my beautiful grapefruit tree is loaded with ripening grapefruits! 🙂

Ya gotta have a close up of the water droplets on the grapefruit and leaves because I love the way that looks!


Have a happy, productive Saturday! I hope you enjoy your day. I’m off to Everman’s Natural Foods in Pensacola! 🙂

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5 Responses to …How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. lammilee says:

    Your garden looks wonderful! All your hard work is paying off! 🙂

  2. Love it! I get so giddy about seeing plants growing! It’s such a magical process! And it looks like you’ll have squash coming out your ears. One year I planted 5 zucchini and 5 yellow squash. It took me a year to eat zucchini again and I’m still squeamish about yellow. Lol
    Did you try that oil I sent for the mosquitos as well?

    • Victoria says:

      I LOVE SQUASH!! And if I get tired of it grilled on sautéed or raw then I’ll make breads 🙂 I can’t believe I forgot about the oil, duh!! I’m not use to having it yet… I will definitely use it the next time and let you know how it goes! The Mosquitos are fierce this year!!

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