New Blogging Topics

blogOkay, so I have joined this blogging challenge, but I get a minute to write and I sit here staring blankly at the computer screen with thoughts that are not worthy of a blog. UGH!

So, I decided that I am going to help myself out and start some Blog prompts to get me at least thinking in a certain direction for writing! Here are my blog prompts for now…these will at least guide me to start thinking. I can’t guarantee that I’ll always stick to that subject, but I will do my best.

Storytelling Monday – this can be a story from my past, a current story, or a perceived story – my choice

Thoughtful Tuesday – something inspirational – hopefully

Nature or Cooking Wednesday – something about nature – most likely gardening or some adventure in nature OR a recipe that I’ll link to on my Morning Coffee Blog , where I share recipes!

Picture Perfect Thursday – Thursday is my busy day at work, so I’m reserving this day to simply post a picture…but it has to be what I deem the very best picture of my week…and there has to be a short description of why this is a perfect picture!

Five minute Friday – this idea came from Kayla and I like it! – this will be just ramblings from my brain to the paper. Sometimes it may be very thought out, other times you may wonder “what????” but that’s the way it will be….thoughts spilling out of my brain onto the paper. Remember they are only paper thoughts….

Saturday and Sunday – will be free days. I may post a favorite quote or song, I may write something really profound, or I may just spend my days away from the computer all together and write nothing at all!

Well, that’s my new plan for blogging. Hopefully this will keep me more on track with writing and jump start me back into it again :). Since this is Nature Wednesday, stay tuned for a nature blog! 🙂

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2 Responses to New Blogging Topics

  1. Lana Vaughan says:

    Having a plan makes blogging so much easier.
    Having a purpose makes it harder but more impactful.
    Having a passion inspires others to embrace life.

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