Blessing or Coincidence?

I have this grapefruit tree in my backyard. This grapefruit tree is now about 9 years old and stands alone in my boxed garden area of the yard. This grapefruit tree is special to me…I mentioned it in a blog a while back.


Just to refresh your memory about this tree – it started from a visit to my parent’s house in Orlando FL. The parent tree was located in the prayer garden of their church. The grapefruit from this tree were the best I’d ever eaten – sooo sweet you could peel and eat them like an orange. I saved one of the seeds from this tree – planted it in a pot – and it sprouted and grew into a little tree in no time. That little tree moved with us to Virginia and then back to Florida where I planted it in the spot it now stands.

That tree became even more special to me in February of 2009 when my dad died from cancer. My family held a small memorial service/funeral for my dad in the prayer garden of that church. My dad was cremated and his ashes are buried under that very grapefruit tree that my tree came from.

I thought that maybe this tree of mine was never going to bear fruit. It was already 9 years old and nothing. I began researching if you needed more than one grapefruit tree in order to have fruit and it didn’t seem to be the case – but I was going to try and get another tree anyway. But even if it never bore fruit – it was still very special to me.

This year – 2013 – my mom went to be with the Lord. She died from Alzheimer ‘s. She too is buried under the parent grapefruit tree. Then as if in direct response to my mom’s death my grapefruit tree produced an abundance of grapefruits.  🙂

Is it a coincidence or a blessing from God in memory of my parents? I think blessing because this is so how God is in my life – He blesses me with little gifts like this that remind me that He is always there – that He sees – and every time I look at my grapefruit tree or eat of its fruit – I will think lovingly of my parents and remember that my God loves me :).

grapefruit tree

grapefruit 2

grapefruit 3

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5 Responses to Blessing or Coincidence?

  1. Joann says:

    I had no idea your mom had passed, I’m so sorry for your loss. What a blessing to have the memory of them wound up with your tree, no coincidence at all that you got fruit this year!

  2. lammilee says:

    What a beautiful and precious story Sis. Definitely no coincidence! Beautiful blessing straight from “Papa’s” Heart! Especially to thrill your heart as well as a memorable memorial! When are the grapefruits due to be ripe enough to eat? Love you!

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