Mary, Mary…quite contrary…

…how does your garden grow?

Mine will grow because of lots of hard labor, sweat and sore muscles…thanks to my son, Chip (who moved all this dirt by hand in a wheel barrow), my DIL, Heidi (who brought us ice-cold water and helped me spread the dirt inside the boxes)…and my daughter, Jenny (who moved all that wood from the fence to the street) and my other daughter, Vanessa (who watched Oliver in the pool while we worked 😉 ). I could NOT have done all this work alone…a big thank you to you guys!!

I had planned on starting this garden last year, so I went to home depot and got the wood cut into 10 foot x 5 foot sections, hauled it home (in the home depot truck that I rented) and built my garden boxes. But by the time I got that done the heat set in. Last year was in the 100’s and I simply couldn’t work in that weather, so work on my garden stopped.

This year I ordered 6 yards of Florida dirt (sand) and mushroom compost and had it delivered to my driveway. This past weekend we started filling the boxes…

blog 11


The intensity of moving this dirt and the muscles that you use (that you never even knew you had) can’t be shown by the pictures, but believe me, those muscles are being felt today!! I even got blisters through my thick leather gloves, so I can only imagine what Chip is feeling at this point in his day!

My son, who is an engineer at heart, built this ramp for the wheel barrow to ride smoothly on its way to the garden boxes. The area by the side of the garage (on the way to the garden boxes) needs lots of work as it is overgrown with weeds and the vines that so rapidly grow in Florida….plus the dogs have used this area and dug several holes…but one step at a time! I will eventually turn that into garden as well! 🙂

blog 10.jpega

Blog 2

blog 3

blog 8

I had a little helper….Mailey helped by chasing the ball and keeping us company while we worked 🙂

blog 9

I have bought seeds from Heirloom Seeds, so they are GMO and pesticide free! Can’t wait to start planting. This is the first year of my new totally organic, non GMO garden! Each year I hope to expand it with another type of produce, which will include strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and maybe grapes :). I already have a 12 year old grapefruit tree that produced 3 grapefruits last year and has about 20 grapefruits this year! 🙂


image 2

Here’s what Vanessa and Oli were doing while we worked 🙂

Of course, since it was so hot out yesterday, we all took several breaks from hauling dirt to hop in the pool and cool off 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am grateful for the pool!!

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3 Responses to Mary, Mary…quite contrary…

  1. Beth VanDyche says:

    As you said, one step at a time. You’ll get there! Looking forward to pictures as your garden grows. 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      I will definitely post them! I’m excited and nervous. This will be the first year I’ve started a garden from seeds. Normally I buy the plants from the local nursery or home depot or kmart. This will also be the first non GMO garden I’ve had! I hope to be able to save seeds this fall for next year 🙂

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