Five Minute Friday! Organize!

This blog was inspired by Kayla … I think I will try to do this every Friday…at least now I think that, we’ll see if I can keep up.

I am taking a break at work, so my 5 minutes might be interrupted…bear with me 😉

Today I want to spend this 5 minutes talking about organization…something that I have not been gifted with but have tried very hard, over the years, to be! Organized! Organization brings a little calm to the chaos of life. Some people like my daughter-in-law just come by organization naturally…I do NOT! It’s hard work for me! Probably why I had such a difficult time moving around the country/world with the military every 3 years…took me forever to get my house organized again!


But today’s organization is a little smaller than the world traveler that I used to be. Today I want to focus on just my life in my small corner of the world, here in my town, in my house!

I have alot of dogs living with me currently …. 7 to be exact … and one kitty! 3 of these dogs are mine, 2 are my daughters and 2 are my son and daughter-in-law’s. Keeping organized with all those dogs is a chore, but we’re managing. The floors are the biggest chore – keeping them clean – good thing they are tile and clean up pretty easily!

Next are the projects that I have begun! To name a few:

1. Kitchen glass-tile backsplash. Some of you who follow my blog will know that I started this project over a year ago…well, it is not done yet! 🙂

2. My yard has a fungus (my new sod that I had laid 😦 ), so I’m trying an organic method of argricultural corn meal and nitrogen rich compost…hopefully it will work…so my yard is off limits to dogs and kids right now.

3. My garden boxes – I just had my mixture of sand and mushroom compost delivered, but there it sits in my yard next to my driveway, waiting for me (and my son, and whoever else wants to volunteer) to hand wheel-barrow it into the boxes 🙂

4. My garage – an endless job that seems to contain stuff that multiplies when I go to sleep at night!

5. My files – right now my files are stuffed in my file cabinet, and in tubs in the garage, but NOT ORGANIZED!

6. My recipes – they are currently everywhere, stuffed in cookbooks, some are filed in a recipe file, some are in folders, some are in my drawer…ugh!

7. My closets – I currently have too many clothes that don’t fit anymore and/or have gone out of style and I need to weed through them and narrow them down to what I wear!

Well, that’s all I can fit into the 5 minutes that I have….as you can see, my life needs organization…did I tell you that organization doesn’t come easy to me? 😉


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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday! Organize!

  1. Kayla Jo says:

    I love it!
    I’m sure Vee would love to help with the clothes. She is good at that kind of stuff and maybe can sell some of it in her little shop?

  2. Beth VanDyche says:

    I’m right there with ya! I think I hate organizing paperwork the most. Can I just throw it all away? Lol!

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