To Groom or not to Groom

Most of you know my big Leonberger/Great Pyrenees mix doggie that I  have, and love, named Crosby! Here’s my boy:


He’s a beauty with his long silky human-like hair…but he’s also a big goofball who loves to be outside. He always gives me a laugh (except when the thunderstorms come)…he’s pretty laid back, but when he’s in the mood to play he can play kinda rough for some dogs. In fact, the only two dogs who seem to handle Crosby’s rough play are my other two dogs – Colbie and Todd :). Crosby totally submits to my Australian Koolie – Colbie – she’s the boss!!



“I think I can fit”


Crosby & Todd playing 🙂


Believe it or not, this is also play!

Crosby is always giving me a laugh….he’s just a big goofball, no matter where he is…


Silly Crosby

Lately Crosby has not wanted to be outside for very long because it is just so hot out! So I began thinking about getting his hair cut off (just for the summer). I really struggled with this haircut for a couple of reasons….1) Everything I read says that you “shouldn’t” cut a leonberger or a great pyrenees’ hair because it helps them stay cool in the summer… and 2) His hair is sooo gorgeous!!

I’m not sure where they get the information that a Leonberger or a Great Pyrenees (Crosby is both) stays cooler with all that hair….that’s a fallacy! Crosby has been sooo hot this summer that he just doesn’t want to be outside anymore (and he LOVES being outside)!!

So, for the sake of Crosby’s comfort, I decided to go ahead and get his hair cut. Now Crosby, the goofy laid-back dog that he is, does NOT like his feet or his hind quarters touched or messed with. When I clip his nails I have to put a basket muzzle on him and sedate him a bit. So, when I first called to make the appointment at Petsmart they said they do not use muzzles (except for a 20 min. duration during the haircut) and they only use theirs, they do not use one brought in from home. 😦

Thus, I was a bit worried about how this was going to go, so I stayed and watched the whole time. He did really well and they only had to put the muzzle on at the very end when they clipped his toenails!! Yay!! I was so happy! And Crosby is so much more comfortable in this heat! He still doesn’t stay outside very long at a time…but he can now last (with his friends Colbie & Todd) for about an hour before he wants to come back in! That’s much improved over the less than 5 minutes with all that fur!

Here’s Crosby at Petsmart getting his hurrs trimmed!


Getting his ears scratched while they cut the hair on his bottom…


Crosby spots me 🙂

"Mom, do you see what they're doing?"

“Mom, do you see what they’re doing?”

Before his haircut:


After his haircut!



I’m sad that all his beautiful fur is gone (I love his fur!!) but he’s much happier in this heat … and it will grow back!!

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4 Responses to To Groom or not to Groom

  1. lammilee says:

    Loved this! Great pics…great story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda says:

    He sure is beautiful! I’m glad your PetSmart trip went better than ours. When our American Bulldog was younger (around 1 yr) we took her to get nails trimmed and a bath to PetSmart. Whatever they did to her, she HATED baths and nail trimmings from that point on. She’ll get in a baby pool to play in the summer, but if we even so much as bring “bath assorted equipment” out, she’ll run away and quiver. Needless to say, she gets a lot of baby wipe baths. We have to wrap her in a blanket to trim her nails, too. She has no problem with us touching/playing with her feet, but when she sees the clippers….zoom……..she’s outta there. We don’t need to muzzle her, she’d never bite us, but she is extremely stressed out and tries to run away and we wrap her in a blanket to protect us from the scratches we would otherwise acquire. (We weren’t so smart for the first year or so after the PetSmart ordeal and DID acquire quite a few scratches attempting to clip her nails. So I’m encouraged that we eventually got a little smarter.) 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Brenda – I’m sorry that you’re experience with Petsmart was not so good. I stayed the whole time and watched and I let them know that I would be doing that. But the reason that I took him to Petsmart is because of the huge windows where I could watch what happens! I want to know what goes on…of course the only thing I couldn’t see was the bath time…but for the most part, Crosby is okay with Bathtime, it’s the rest of the grooming that I was unsure about.

      Crosby doesn’t actually bite, but he does bare teeth and growl and make a “snapping” attempt, which is enough for me to muzzle him because I don’t want it to ever go to biting.

      I’m glad you found a way to get your dogs nails clipped 🙂

      BTW…I took my dogs to a groomer one time and everything seemed fine, but the next time I brought them they did NOT want to go in and were grouchy for a week after…I never brought them back to that groomer!

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