Does it have to Hurt?

I heard a song on the radio when I was driving to work that prompted my thinking on this subject. This is something that I’ve been mulling over in my mind for a while now, but didn’t really know how to process it. However, when this song came on the radio I began to think about this again. The song in itself is good, but there’s one line that just resounded untruth to me….the line in the song says “I don’t give until it hurts” …. that’s the part I have trouble with.

Why do we, as Christians, always seem to default our thinking to “If it doesn’t hurt we’re not doing it right?” We put unreasonable and ungodly expectations on ourselves with the thought that somehow that will make us “more righteous” or will make us more acceptable to God. This doesn’t feel or sound like grace to me!

I don’t feel that way, I don’t believe God wants me to feel that way! I believe that nothing….NOTHING…that I do will bring me into more favor with God except accepting Christ as my Savior by believing that He is the Son of God and receiving Him to be Lord of my life…..and loving God above everything else. Christ paid my debt, I don’t have to keep paying it over and over by suffering and by doing things until they hurt – IT IS ALREADY PAID! I am actually free now to love God and love people! That doesn’t hurt…loving God and loving people! Granted, some people are harder to love than others and sometimes there is a little pain involved in loving certain people….but overall, my debt is paid, I am free, I don’t have to suffer to love God, and I don’t have to suffer in doing what is right.  It doesn’t even sound godly to me because God wants us to do things with a glad and thankful heart. He wants us to do things out of the love that He has given us and therefore we have for Him. Doing anything until it hurts does not sound like love to me and actually is very selfish not selfless.

Somehow that doesn’t feel right to us, that we can get by with being forgiven and not have to work hard or suffer to obtain that forgiveness. But that is the way God set things up!

Therefore, I do not receive this thought of suffering in order to obtain as truth…I reject it! Ahhhhh, that felt good! 🙂

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