My Newest Addition…

Colbie is my newest doggie. I believe she is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. I  had a DNA test done on her, but the results have not come back yet. She came to us from Tennessee where she was living up on a mountain, just outside of Rhea County, with a pack of 50 – 75 other dogs. The shelter in Rhea County goes up there once a month and brings down some of the dogs to try to adopt them out. I got her through Urgent Animals at Rhea County .  She is such a sweetheart and her and Crosby have become fast friends! Welcome to our family, Colbie 🙂

This was Colbie (named “My Girl” then) in the Shelter…

Bringing Colbie home from Tennessee

Good Morning!

Colbie’s new toy after her first visit to the vet…

Colbie got spayed…here she is with Saint Caffrey

Colbie, learning to sit 🙂

She’s very content with us 🙂

Happy Girl!

We’re so happy she has joined our family! Her and Crosby are good friends now and play almost nonstop together! I love my little doggie family!

Crosby & Colbie playing

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