My Turn on the Chick fil a fb fiasco

I don’t have much to say about the actual incident with Chick fil a except the following:

1. I believe in Freedom of Speech.
2. I believe a business shoud be able to state their personal beliefs without threat from a city, state or govenment level shutdown.
3. I believe the personal opinions and faith-based beliefs of Mr. Cathy were blown way out of proportion by some people with a “hatred agenda” and that Mr. Cathy had every right to believe however he wanted to without fear of being shut down for his opinions or beliefs.

However, how I feel about what transpired on facebook as a result of this whole thing is another story…
1. I saw lots of (to use the words of a good friend of mine) ‘arrogant “let’s show ’em”‘ attitudes about the so called victory that was won.
2. I saw lots of hatred towards gay people in the comments going around fb…
3. I don’t see this as a victory, but as a stumbling block because in our arrogant pride, swinging our “swords of victory”, we have simply accomplished making people never really want to get to know this Jesus (my Jesus) who now seems, to a world of wounded people, more of an angry warrior who is more concerned with victory than mercy…with putting up barriers than with Grace. Where is the hope in an angry warrior…misrepresentation!
4. To me this is a sad and embarrassing day for Christians … at least on fb … because we may have won the battle to keep a business open and free speech alive, but closed the door to a lost and dying world. A world who needs to know the same Grace and Mercy that was shown to us and that is still shown to us every day. A world that needed to feel and know the love of Jesus more than they need justice for a business or justice for speech. That world is at the end of our judgemental, pointing fingers.
5. I am embarrassed that the hatred and the pride and the arrogance were tied to Christianity…so much so I no longer wish to call myself a Christian. I will call myself a follower and believer in Jesus Christ from now on. I feel we are called by Christ to be His hands and His feet to a lost and dying world…did we so quickly forget His mercy to us, His grace to us, His forgiveness to us? Have we forgotten that we are nothing more than sinners saved by grace?
6. Today I hang my head in shame of the name Christian because of how I saw Christians misrepresenting Christ over this issue. This is NOT loving well.

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5 Responses to My Turn on the Chick fil a fb fiasco

  1. lammilee says:

    AMEN….AMEN….AMEN!!! LOVE what you expressed in this blog, and LOVE the song by Casting Crowns! I did not agree with what happened to Chick Fil A just because the CEO made a statement based on his beliefs…..neither do I agree with bashing a people group. He did not call us (not even once) to cast stones, but to love as He loves! We’re not supposed to try to keep a ‘score’ card for all the ‘victories’ within a given agenda. Christianity has become just another agenda instead of the representation of Christ’s Hands and Feet reaching out and going to those He paid the price for! Well spoken, Sis!

    • Victoria says:

      Thank ypu Sis! I agree the CEO of Chick fil a had every right to his beliefs and he did not bash any groups of people, his words were twisted and misrepresented as they became the target for everyone’s agendas.

      You are so right…there is no score card for hash marks of victories…the only victories I see in the Kingdom are lives transformed by the power of Jesus…not whether or not we “won one” (another agenda) for Christianity.

      This song spoke my heart better than any words could have….

  2. Mary Shoff says:

    Loved what you had to say here…totally agree that I am a sinner bought with a price that my Savior paid for me and all….and I mean all that answer to the wooing of the Holy Spirit to come to Him. I am simply a mouthpiece and reflection of what He did for me…it is nothing of me. We as people think that we have to help God because we know better on how to work these things out than He does. If we just stand on the simplicity of the Scriptures and live a life focused on serving Him and walking daily, even moment to moment, with Him the outcome would be so truthful and real in the eyes of even those that don’t agree with us. Galen and I have found through the years of ministry that just loving life and all that God gives us, the ups and downs, that it “purifies us as gold”…keeps us real in the eyes of our neighbors so His power through that can draw them to the Savior!

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