If Only….

My song for the day ….

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2 Responses to If Only….

  1. lammilee says:

    Sis……I feel the pain that is unspoken as only as sister who has been through the same can! I am kissing your hurting heart right now, not even having to know the details. Why? Because I know YOU! You have loved, and tried, and covered, and forgiven, and sat in a corner feeling helpless, and grieved. You have known the pain of letting go when you didn’t want to. You have had to find a way to survive when cast on the rocks! Hey…..did I ever tell you that you are my hero????

    • Victoria says:

      Thank you sweet sister of mine! You do know my heart so well! I know that you have been through the same thing and it hurts when it could have been so much different! So, I’m your hero 🙂 Thank you! Did you know that you’re my hero right back?! Love you!!

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