My Baby Zebra Finches and Crosby and Jazmin :)

This morning when I woke up I gave the birds fresh water and decided to film the babies in their nest

My external keyboard all of a sudden stopped working (probably batteries) so I’m typing on the laptop itself which means I have no commas and no periods – also don’t have any J‘s – but I copied and pasted one from the web – so you won’t see much punctuation in this post :)!

Anyway – here’s the baby zebra finches this morning when I first woke up:

I was thinking “wow they sure are getting crowded in there! It’s probably getting time to leave the nest” well I went and had breakfast fed all the doggies-birdies-fish in the house and went back to check on them and sure enough – the baby birds had come out – at first I only saw one baby – but as I was reviewing the video I realized there was another baby on the bottom of the cage – so the 2nd video shows both babies out of the nest

It won’t be long before the other two are out of the nest as well

Then – as a bonus – because I like you – here’s a video of my puppies 🙂 You can see Jazmin in the background – Notice how naughty Crosby is at the end – exactly like a two-year-old

Lastly – I’ve been letting Crosby hang out in our former dining room (I took the table down because Crosby wanted to chew on the legs – anyway – I’m letting him inch his way into the house little by little so he learns social behavior in our house – he’s only made it into these two rooms (the back one you see there) and the dining room – off leash – the other rooms he has to be on a leash for more than one reason – although he’s learning – he still thinks that cats are simply to be chased and barked at – and we have Kelso living with us – who I’m afraid isn’t quite convinced yet that Crosby should be an accepted member of the pack – so thus the gates and the leashes when they are together – anyway – when Crosby comes out of his room into the dining room he always feels like he has to bring all his toys – his bed – his blankets – all his chews etc out of the room one by one – transferring them to the dining room – lol what a funny guys  – here he is transferring one of his chew toys –

that’s it for today – gotta get some cleaning done – have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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