Doggy Woes…

Oh my….Crosby didn’t get his walk tonight….he didn’t get a walk yesterday or the day before either. I’m paying for it now…he is back in his room barking now because he thinks he needs to go outside. He hasn’t done his nightly inspection tonite. You see, I couldn’t let him out…well that’s not totally true, I did take him out on a leash to go potty but all he wanted to do was walk me into all the night time web-building spiders…and believe me there are lots of them here in the spring.


The reason that I couldn’t let him out is because I’m draining the pool. Crosby really likes that I’m draining the pool and spent the afternoon splashing around in the pool water that was forming puddles on the ground. He had so much fun, but also got sooo dirty. So tonight he got a bath….therefore, I can’t let him out to do his normal nighttime border inspections or he’d just go right back to splashing around in the dirty water. He’s not too happy with me.

I think I might walk him at 6 tomorrow morning! 🙂

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