Golden Toilet Paper Award…

Yay! I’ve been given my first Golden Award for Blogging! 

 The Golden Toilet Paper Award!

Actually, the award is for NOT blogging, but hey it’s an award and I’ll take it! 🙂

You see, I belong to this awesome group of ladies who blog. We support each other through words….when one is down, the rest jump in and give words of encouragement, when one of us is happy we all jump in with words of joy, when one of us needs some correction or direction, we all jump in and give words of hope and direction.

But….this group also holds each other accountable to remember to blog and when you don’t get around to blogging (for whatever reason) for more than a week, this group will award you with The Golden Toilet Paper Award! 🙂

And so, my blogging peep, Laurie awarded it to me because of my recent post about her TP ing my house! Can you imagine?? 🙂

I proudly post my award on my blog and will walk around all day today proudly displaying toilet paper dragging from my shoe….because it means I am loved and accepted by my group of Blogging Peeps! 🙂

However, after accepting the award and proudly displaying it on my blog, I must then pass the torch to the next deserving person. So, after much contemplation, I have decided that the current most deserving of my blogging peeps would have to be my dear, sweet sister – Lammilee … she is definitely most deserving of this beautiful award since we haven’t heard from her (in her blog) since the beginning of January! 😀

Love you, Sis…please accept this award with all the love, fun, acceptance and friendship that it is being offered to you…by me and the rest of your blogging peeps! 🙂 

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9 Responses to Golden Toilet Paper Award…

  1. Laurie Wade says:

    Yay! So proud of you and your award!! And really glad to hear who gets to accept the torch…uh, roll…:)

  2. lammilee says:

    Ok……I guess this means I’ve been “served”……so I will step up although, reluctantly.

    Lately every effort feels like I have lead feet…..every attempt met with failure…..every cry sent to Papa, met with, “Trust Me…..I am doing something you cannot see……but it will be worth the wait!” And NO answers pending. I cry more than I laugh right now. So to say that much …is to feel stripped naked before you all!

    I want to keep this light and fluffy, and it just won’t stay there as the tears stream down my face even as I type. I am at the edge of a precipice, and the fear of falling into a bottom-less pit has never felt so strong! So……you will just all have to agree to get ‘crap’ splashed on you if I do write a blog because it will be real, stark, honest and from a person in so much pain that there seems to be a constant lump in my throat as I am fight to LIVE and NOT DIE!!!

    • Victoria says:

      Yep, it means you’ve been served. next you are ‘suppose to copy the tp photo to your computer and then repost it in a new blog, explaining the rules of the tp award (like I did) and then choosing the next recipient 🙂 …. are you up for that? If not, tell me who you think should get the tp award next and I’ll do it from my blog…

  3. lammilee says:

    Thank Sis…..I will try to rally for the acceptance and passing on this coveted award! If I have any problems….I’ll give you a “shout out!” Thanks for your willingness to help. Luv u to pieces! You do put a smile on my face! 🙂

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