Toilet Paper Everywhere….

So I think Laurie has been to my house because I woke up to toilet paper everywhere!! In the trees, all over the front porch swing, in my flower beds….she even stuffed some toilet paper in the tailpipe of my car! Man, when she tp’s a house, she does it up right!

Truly I deserve it though…the rules of the game being what they are…haha, but the rules only apply to those who step up to the challenge and I haven’t stepped up, so they really shouldn’t apply to me 🙂

None-the-less, I am blogging tonight, simply so that Laurie doesn’t decide to dump even more toilet paper in my yard 🙂

As you all know I got this new doggie who is the sweetest thing on earth (next to my Jazmin). He is such a cuddler and loves to roll over on his back for a good belly rub :). But he does have the energy of a puppy and keeps me hopping. So, I take him on daily walks to try to wear off some of that energy.

However, this weekend we didn’t walk because I had too many things in the house and garden to do. Boy oh boy did I suffer for that decision with a naughty, mischievous doggy! From now on it’s a walk every day even if it’s raining! I even ordered the Dog Whisperer’s backpack so I could help him to feel a little more challenged. It just came in the mail today, so I haven’t used it yet.

Crosby is a good boy though, except at 4:00 in the morning when he thinks it’s time to let him outside….I have been feeling very tired lately…this “puppy stage” and I have quite a love/hate relationship going on here :).

So, in conclusion, Laurie really only figuratively tp’d my house and I gave her permission to do so:). However, to avoid anymore random toilet paper rolls flying around, I am posting tonight :).

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10 Responses to Toilet Paper Everywhere….

  1. Laurie Wade says:

    Cute puppy!!! So glad I don’t have to come over there again tonight. This toilet paper is getting expensive. 😉 Love you bloggy friend! 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Whew, I know, I’m glad too….it was getting so you could barely see my house through all the toilet paper and yet I somehow managed to leave the house without any draping from my shoe …:) Anyway, I decided it was high time I come back to the blogging world again! 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks btw….he is a cute, HUGE puppy :). The challenge with him is more his size (and that he wants to chew on my table legs). With the normal sized puppy (or adult dog) you can simply put things up and out of reach…not with Crosby! He can reach whatever I can as he’s almost as tall as I am on his hind legs….so I have to simply “clear the area” of anything I don’t want him to be able to reach. Right now he’s gated in the dining area which means everything on that side of the kitchen counters has to be MOVED off or he’ll get to it. Vanessa laid her bottom retainer on the counter while she was eating (out of habit) and well….yep, he got it! 🙂

  2. Laurie Wade says:

    Crate train!! I am sure Hershey would eat everything she had access to if we hadn’t done that. Instead, she grabs the nearest nylabone as soon as she wakes up and gets freed from her crate every morning. I’ll have to blog about her attachment to her newest Nylabone soon. It’s HUGE!! Glad you blogged! 😉 It’s more fun when everyone’s around!! Can’t wait to meet you in person this summer! Emily, my 12 year old, was looking at the pictures of Crosby this morning and wanted to know if she gets to meet him this summer. 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Haha….yes, of course Emily gets to meet Crosby this summer! It will be so much fun. She may even get to walk him (if she wants to). We definitely crate train….I don’t know what I’d do without the crate….we have crate trained all of our dogs from the time we got them! Thank God for big crates (which is what Crosby needs)! 🙂

      It’s when he’s out that his size makes him a challenge…he’s so tall that he can reach anything that I can. I have bought him every imaginable busy chew toy/nylabone with rawhide attachments, He is learning that those are acceptable chew toys and the table is NOT! I’m sure it’s confusing for his brain because he was a stray and could and still can chew on the sticks outside, why can’t he chew on the “sticks” inside. lol. But he just can’t!! Rules are rules!! 😀

      Yes, you should blog about Hershey’s adventures and attachment to her newest Nylabone :). I’m not sure anything will ever top the fishtank story, but you never know 🙂

      • Laurie Wade says:

        Ah the fishtank! Nope! That is a classic! Is your yard like mine? New sticks just seem to appear? I don’t know where the new sticks come from, but there seems to be an endless supply. Must be like the loaves and fishes for dogs.

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  4. lammilee says:

    Crosby is indeed a very handsome dog! Oy Vey! All that long thick fur! How do you get down to the skin when bathing and rinsing? His tongue looked spotted kind of like a chow. Does he have a little chow in him? So…..someone tp’d your house on the outside? At first I thought Crosby tp’d it on the inside. I could just picture him being caught in the act with that look on his face that said, “Look Mom, I killed the toilet paper for you! What…….???” LOL! How old did you say they estimate him to be? Tegan is just like that (high energy) even past the 2 yr. mark… a walk or a game of frisbee ’til she’s breathless, every day! When it’s rainy……I have a see through purple nobby, rubbery ball that is activated with blinking red and blue lights inside that I throw and she fetches! She loves that ball and has to show it off to all who enter the house! Too cute!

    (BTW! – seeing those blackened sidewalks put me in mind of the time I was there when the Red Tide rolled in on the waves….worst than it had been in previous years! I was a snotty mess! I’m sure your memory of me having to blow my nose every couple of minutes wasn’t a good memory either! 😦 )

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Sis….Crosby’s fur is amazing and he is not shedding at all, believe it or not! I’m just waiting for him to “blow it all” but he hasn’t yet. He doesn’t have the undercoat of a chow…it’s just that long fur all the way to the skin. He’s really not that hard to bathe and he does pretty well. The fur isn’t like Lady’s it does soak in the water. Lady’s was almost waterproof.

      He did chew up a few rolls of paper towels and a few toilet paper rolls when we first got him but he’s starting to learn that that gets him in trouble. However, we don’t leave him alone with paper towels or toilet paper…and we keep all that we can out of his reach. 🙂

      That’s cute about Tegan’s light up ball 🙂 So sweet! Yes, I remember Tegan’s energy….you used to walk 4 miles a day with her….but I’ve seen her chase the frisbee….it’s a good way to wear her out.

      Right now I’m walking Crosby and Jazmin 5 days a week for 2 miles. It is good for all of us….and has helped me to drop 10 lbs….so I’m keeping it up!

      Crosby is Great Pyrenees and Leonberger mix (the Leonbergers also have the blue spotted tongues)…his personality also does not go along with a chow chow’s … Crosby loves EVERYBODY!! He really doesn’t seem to have favorites….he’s super friendly, loving and just a big clown. He’s hilarious the way this big-bodied dog lops around the back yard when he’s chasing his toys. He also leaps with all four feet off the ground…it’s hilarious!

      Yes, I remember when you were blowing your nose all the time. My next purchase is a power washer….so I can get that black off the sidewalks. There are a few necessary purchases if you life in Florida….a chain saw (have one now), a generator (don’t have one yet) and a power washer…the black mold just keeps growing…. but I will be getting rid of it soon!! 🙂

      • Victoria says:

        Crosby’s hair looks like human hair…it’s amazing. I don’t know how many people who have touched him have said that to me….and it’s true 🙂

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