Jottings from A Day in My Life … Day 7

Yesterday was hard….I don’t want to ever have to do that again….but I will because I love animals and will always have dogs or some kind of animal in my life. I can’t really talk anymore about it because it’s too painful to even think about….but thank you for being here with me in the Journey!

Saying goodbye to a dear friend ♥ Rest in peace Lady Diana. August 7, 1997 - March 9, 2012

I have to  move on this time, because this one could do me in for months if it weren’t for my sweet Crosby! What a good boy he is, although not housebroken yet ;). He also has tons of energy. This morning Vanessa and I gave him a bath…in the bathtub….and amazingly there was absolutely NO shedding! Wow, a dog with all that fur  and no shedding….amazing!! He probably blows his fur or just sheds at certain times, not sure….

The bath was quite a chore though, and very very wet…everything was very very wet afterwards…..let’s just say for now that I’m thrilled that a pet groomers is opening up within walking distance from my house! Yay for pet groomers! 🙂

Here’s Vanessa’s version of the story: 🙂

“So from last night till this morning Crosby peed on my blanket chest/ my tall vase got shattered that I just put in the hall way. This morning kelso managed to march and parade around in poop trail dog *poop* all across the house in my room on the dog beds that were on my room then all over my bed… they get a bath. Then crosby gets a bath, meanwhile I’m in the tub with crosby because he’s a freaking giant and has to be man handled. So after all this fun kelso and autumn come into my room with me and kelso goes to get on my bed and there’s DOG *POOP* AGAIN now on my sheets from stripping my brand new comforter…..wth  seriously. When I handed my mom the dog beds earlier full of *PooP” she put them in the freakin living room with kelso …I’m going to shoot myself in the face”

Now in my defense …. there wasn’t dog poop all over the dog beds, there was just a little, and in the madness of the morning, I just thought that Vanessa was handing them to me so she could clean up her room….need I remind you that I hadn’t had coffee yet? 😛

Here’s a couple of pictures and videos for you to see my new puppy (I think he’s about one year old, maybe two)….what a sweet loving, but naughty dog! 🙂



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9 Responses to Jottings from A Day in My Life … Day 7

  1. Candy says:

    I am soooo happy that Crosby has semi-filled a whole in your heart. Nothing ‘bonds’ like a night and morning after poop-fest! I can see and hear Vanessa now….”REALLY???” LOL! I hope it all seemed alittle better after coffee! 🙂

  2. Victoria says:

    Haha, yeah, was quite the bonding experience! LOL….let’s just face it though… helps almost every sitaution! 🙂

    • lammilee says:

      That it does, Sis! You’ll just have to remind her of the early days of her brute! 🙂 How are they getting along….2 males in the same house?

      • Victoria says:

        Well, we are keeping them separate for now. They do fine if we go on a walk on neutral turf, but in the back yard it didn’t work so well and Kelso was very protective of his turf.So we’re keeping them separated for now…letting them get used to each other through gates, and we’ll take it slow….if they never get along, well, we’ll keep them separated until Vee gets a place of her own….we’ll make it work. Although Jazmin and Crosby are fine together….she gets a little annoyed with him wanting t0 sniff her all the time, but we’re working with him to get him to sniff and then walk away….he’s really smart and he’s catching on quickly 🙂

  3. lammilee says:

    I love that for all Crosby’s size, he is so gentle around Oliver! Beautiful pic, BTW of Jenny and Lady! ❤

  4. lammilee says:

    And beautiful pic of Vanessa and Crosby! ❤

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