Jottings from A Day in My Life…Day 2

Good morning: Well, I woke up this morning and the sun is still shining :). No rain today 🙂

Lady had a hard time getting up this morning…she didn’t greet me in the kitchen to get her meds, but just laid there in the living room even when I coaxed her to get up, she didn’t. So I brought her meds to her. I gave her the metacam and the glyco-flex, but I didn’t give the baby aspirin. I will give it to her at lunch time if she seems in pain at lunch.

Work is slow today, although I have a lot of “stuff” that has piled up for me to go through. I hate the “stuff” of my job (filing, paperwork to go through, etc.). I’ve never ever liked paperwork like filing, etc….ugh! But isn’t that the way life is….we tend to hate the everyday mundane “stuff” (dishes, sweeping floors, laundry) and want each day to be an exciting adventure, but it just is not that way.

Lunch time break: just one thought at lunch today….it sure is beautiful outside, but I’m not ready for the warm weather yet. Okay…another thought….why can’t dogs live as long as human beings? All the birds seem to live a really long time …

Finches – 15 years
Canaries – 15 years
Budgies – 15 years
Cockatiels – 20 years
Lovebirds – 20 years
Conures – 30 years
Amazons – 50 years
African Greys – 50 years
Cockatoos – 65 years
Macaws – 60 years
Doves and Pigeons – 20 years

Wow! Wish dogs lived as long as Macaws! Macaws must be a pretty interesting pet for someone to keep one that long!! Wow!

Unfortunately, I guess with all the dogs already in the shelters with 14 year lifespans, can you even imagine how many dogs would be in the shelters if they lived for 65 years? Doesn’t say much for us humans, does it? We take one of God’s creations that is among the most faithful of pets. They love us unconditionally and we in turn give them up to the local shelter the first bump that we hit in the road. Maybe it’s a good thing that they only live for 14 years….it’s not for us…it’s for them! God is merciful to all of His creation!

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