My Baby Ram is growing up…

My baby Blue Ram Cichlid is growing up. She’s starting to come into her colors as well. I know she’s a she because I did a little research and the females have blue spots over their black spots on the upper back as well as black stripes on their pelvic fins. They also have a pink tummy that turns more red when they are in breeding mode :).

The males don’t have the black pelvic fins nor do they have blue across the black spot on their upper  back.

These fish are really cool. They form monogamous pairs and are not only pretty, but both male and female are very active in taking care of and raising their eggs and then  their babies. Both parents work together to care for and guard the eggs. They will literally fan fresh water over the eggs to keep bacteria and fungi from forming on the eggs. They will eat any unfertilized eggs to keep the area clean for the fertilized eggs.

Once the eggs hatch the mother and father take turns caring for the small fry while they keep them together in a school and teach them to forage. It’s really pretty interesting. It’s making me want to set up my tank with just German Blue Rams.

Here’s a video of my blue ram. Like my angels, I consider her the “doggie” of the aquarium because her and my angels always greet me swimming wildly against the glass and coming up to the top to say hi (get food 😉 ).

Isn’t she getting pretty?

Here’s a video (kinda long) of a couple of rams and their eggs…you can see the eggs hatching and then the babies wiggling. One moves too close to the edge and daddy fish grabs him up in his mouth and puts him back with the others 🙂

Here’s a couple of blue rams with all their little swimming babies 🙂

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