To pass the time…

I have been working on another blog, but it’s just not done yet. So, I thought I’d give you a few videos of my fish to bide the time :).

This first video is my pleco and one of my black cherry shrimp. This shrimp loves the Pleco’s algae wafers. For a moment in time, he even thinks he can actually challenge the Pleco for a piece of this algae…. 🙂

The shrimp eventually comes back and actually gets his own piece of algae :). Here he is feeding with the Pleco!

He REALLY loves his algae….

Then in this next video, I’m concentrating on the shrimp eating his algae when I notice something going on in the background….my clown loach eating a snail!!! Finally!! I’ve been waiting for them to finally notice snails. I added 3 clown loaches to my aquarium and yet the snail population just kept growing, I’ve had to go back to the lettuce method of catching the snails and removing them from my tank. But, alas…  btw, this is one brave shrimp, at the end of the video, he actually begins to challenge the clown loach for the snail…haha!

Meanwhile, my birdies were enjoying a morning bath in the sun :).

Enjoy your day!

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