If You Build it…

Breathing heavily under the weight of the wooden planks, she dragged them into place. Her muscles already felt like they were going to explode from the formidable task of unloading the truck’s heavy cargo, but now she had to drag those heavy wooden planks into place and secure them together. She could have used the help of three more people, but she found herself alone in this effort. In the end it would be a task with great rewards, but at the moment she wondered if she had the strength to carry out the job.

Okay, enough of the novel talk….if you haven’t gathered already…I’m making my garden boxes!! Woo-Hoo….finally!!!! I’ve wanted to do this for over a year and I’m finally doing it!

I went to Home Depot yesterday and chose my lumber (2 x 12 x 10 planks) of pine. I was going to have them delivered because my little Nissan Sentra is just not strong enough to carry that load, but I found out the delivery cost would be $79.00 — ouch!! Then I discovered that Home Depot also rents out their delivery trucks for $20.00/75 minutes!!

The nice guys at the Home Depot store loaded up my 15 – 2 x 12 x 10’s, attached the red flags to the back of the wood that was hanging over the edge, and I was off over the bay and through the town ….. 🙂 BUT, once I got home I was the only one there, so I had to unload all this wood so I could get the truck back on time. Whew, that was a heart-pumping experience! I got the truck back to Home Depot before my time was up and even got a $4.00 reimbursement for being on time!

Now the task of dragging all this wood into place to form my garden boxes was all mine. I plan on making 5 garden boxes and one little box for compost. This all took me way longer than I expected and I was only able to get 2 of the boxes put together, but that was quite an achievement for me and I must say, I feel very proud of myself :).

Here’s all the wood I hauled, by myself! Don’t be fooled, those suckers were really heavy!!

One Box…..

Two Boxes….

Then I had this little visitor fly over to see what I was doing! 🙂

I have 3 more of these 5′ x 10′ boxes to build. Then I’ll need to secure the garden fabric to the bottom (to keep the weeds out), fill them with good dirt/manure mixture and put up the fencing to divide my garden area from the rest of the yard. I have an arbor that I’m going to put over the gate to the garden on which I’d like to plant either wisteria….

Grapes vines….

Or Bougainvillea…

I know that the grapes would be most practical since we could eat them. But the others sure are pretty, aren’t they?

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10 Responses to If You Build it…

  1. Lu says:

    The boxes look great, good job!! Your arbor idea pics were beautiful and inspiring, would love to have one of those in my back yard. Can’t wait for pics of yours!

  2. Awesome! We have talked about raised beds too. You will have to share your progress!

    • Victoria says:

      I’ve been talking with my daughter about raised garden beds for over a year and 1/2 now…and finally I’m actually doing it. My daughter would like me to build them 24 inches high so she doesn’t have to bend over :), but I can’t afford the lumber and all the dirt that it would take to fill those!! We’ll start with 12 inches high! 🙂 I definitely will share my progress!

  3. Lisa says:

    Nice! You gonna rent a tiller to dig up the soil under the boxes? And where will you get the dirt to fill the boxes?

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks, Lisa. No, I’m not going to till the dirt under the boxes. 12 inches is plenty of space for the roots of the plants. These are also very large boxes, so I’ll have plenty of room for the roots to grow. I’m still researching. I might get some sandy dirt delivered first and shovel that in the bottom, then some manure (not sure where yet) then top soil. I can get top soil delivered from Niceville Lumber for pretty cheap. It’s not Miracle Grow soil quality, but I can’t spend a fortune filling the boxes either! Any suggestions?

      • Victoria says:

        Also, I’m going to staple garden fabric liners to the bottom of each of the boxes to minimize the weeds getting through to my garden beds, so it wouldn’t do me any good to till the soil underneath…

        • Lisa says:

          Adding some bags of composted with manure will really help enrich the soil and lighten it up. It will drain better but not so well your plants can’t get enough moisture. Plus, bags of that stuff are cheap! But I’m not sure where to get good quality top soil. It would be nice to get some that’s been treated for weeds and noxious organisms like fungi and stuff.

          • Victoria says:

            Yeah, that would be nice, however, I’m trying to do this garden very organic, so really would rather not have the treated stuff. I know that Niceville Lumber has 20 cubic feet bags that they deliver for a nominal fee … for $1.99 a bag! At least that is what I was quoted! I’m going to check into that top soil. I will also use Miracle Grow fertilizer (love that stuff) and composted with manure … then eventually I’ll have my own compost as well…should be good! 🙂

  4. Victoria says:

    wait…did I just say 20 cubic feet?? surely not at $1.99 ea….I’ll have to call again, I think I got that wrong 😛

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