The Joys of Bathing….

…your dog! 😉

That’s just what I was doing a few days ago…bathing my 14 year old dog. Her name is Lady. The fact that she is 14 years old brings with it joys all its own! I thought I would just list some of those joys for you, so you get a real “feel” for this bathing experience: 🙂

  1. The first joy is the fact that Lady has hip dysplasia which means that even though she’s on medicine for it which helps tremendously, her back legs will collapse with any unusual movement. For instance, you know when  you want a dog to back up you can just push on them slightly and they will back up. Well, NOT with Lady! Lady likes to get her bath with her head sticking out over the side of the shower. If you push on her slightly so that her head isn’t sticking over the edge of the shower, her back legs collapse and she starts sliding all over in the slippery shower and before you know it, she is laying flat on her side….and, because the floor of the shower is  slippery (even with a towel laid out), she can’t get back up, so you have to go in and literally pick her up and set her on her feet again. Since Lady is a 55 lb. dog, that’s not such an easy task. Which leads me to bathing  Lady’s next  joy…
  2. …her fur!!!! Lady is a lab/chow mix. Chow’s have this very thick, very fine, very soft undercoat. I must explain that because we live in Florida, this undercoat gets just as confused as the trees here do! The weather is the cause for this…you see, one day it can be a balmy (nice word for humid) 72 degrees F and the next day can be a very cold 30 degrees F. This causes the leaves to start budding and my dogs fur to begin coming out in clumbs. This is the behavior of a “chow-chow” … they literally “blow” their undercoat out. So when I bathe Lady in this weird hot-cold weather, the bath causes all that “blown” fur to be hanging off her in chunks. She looks rather like a pony shedding it’s winter hair. 
  3. Lady is STUBBORN!!!! Don’t think I need to say more…
  4. I get to dry her off! There is literally HAIR everywhere. Lady won’t shake inside the shower with the shower curtain drawn, no matter how much coaxing I give her. She will seriously wait until I finally let her out of the shower, then she shakes  all over the  place while rubbing up against my cabinets  depositing her hair all  over everything. I always am soaking wet with hair covering my entire body, hair in my eyes, hair in my mouth…..*sigh*
  5. In all of her spinning, rubbing & shaking, she somehow gets her head caught in the straps of all three bras that I have hanging on the back of my bathroom door so I have to now get those straps off of her head while she’s freaking out….(another chance to be covered in fur).
  6. cleaning up the shower and the entire bathroom afterwards…..
  7. picking up clumps of hair off every surface of the floor for the next 2 weeks after her bath.
  8. And finally, Joy # 8…paying someone to bathe my dog from now on!!!!
  9. Better yet….taking her to the groomers and paying $65.00 to have all that fur shaved off every spring

I think next time around I’ll get a poodle, they don’t shed 🙂

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