My Little Clown Loach Family

Okay, I know you’re all getting sick of seeing my aquarium, but I just had to show you one more thing because I got my two new clown loaches. Now they are a little family! At first they didn’t seem to care about each other, not even one little bit. But then, after 3 hours, they somehow found each other and decided that they looked more like clown loaches than Longfin Red Minor Tetras.

In the video you will see mostly the clown loaches. However, you will also see a shot of my algae eater. He’s doing a good job, however, you’ll also see that he needs to get busy because there’s some algae on the front glass that we have to look through! 🙂  I think he looks kinda prehistoric. When he moves he flips that tail around. He’s really pretty fun to watch, he wasn’t moving much in the video, but when he moves, he’s really quick.

Another thing you’ll notice is that my clown loaches are very much babies right now. In fact, they really aren’t much bigger than the guppies, neons & tetras. But they will grow and now that they have found each other, they will be a happy family! 🙂

I’m pretty sure you also get a good view of my blue Ram Cichlid and you’ll see that he/she is beginning to get his/her coloration. I have to figure out how to tell the males from the females…haven’t researched that yet.

Oh, I’m also going to get some cherry shrimp next week. So, maybe I’ll have to show you those once they are in my tank ;).

Enjoy… I promise, this will be the last aquarium video for a while 🙂

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15 Responses to My Little Clown Loach Family

  1. Joann says:

    I had cichlids in a tank one time and came home from a vacation and everything else was dead and gone. They ate my angels, my bala sharks, everything. They were only things alive. I was so mad at them for eating everything else. That was the last aquarium we had…over 12 years ago.

    • Victoria says:

      Oh man Joann, I’m so sorry. Normally you can’t mix Cichlid’s with community fish, but this particular ram Cichlid is very docile and somewhat shy…not aggressive at all. Wow, you cichlids ate your angels, oh my goodness. What kind of cichlids did you have?

    • Lisa says:

      Angels are actually cichlids too, but they are South American cichlids, not African. African cichlids are often pretty darned aggressive. I kept them once, yellow labidichromis, and even got them to breed! It was cool because they were mouth breeders! But it’s a bummer when a fish tank has a bully in the neighborhood, and I’m sorry yours didn’t turn out well.

      • Victoria says:

        oh how pretty that yellow labidichromis is!! I love African cichlids…they are so pretty! But they grow bigger and are more aggressive and since I haven’t had a tank in many years I thought I’d start with community fish. My goal one day though, is to have a salt water fish…

  2. Lisa says:

    Did they warn you how big that plecostamus is going to get? They get quite sizeable!
    The best way to deal with algae on the glass is to use aquarium magnets. They are two strong magnets, one with a light scrubbie on its surface, the other with felt. You put the scrubbie one inside the tank and then suck it to the glass with the felt one, and then you move it around. The scrubbie one will go wherever the felt one goes, and you can clean your glass without getting your hands wet!

    • Victoria says:

      …uuhhmmmm, NO! They did not! I just read how big they can get, oh my! I just googled it and found that the size varies with each owner. They can, however, get to be 3 feet long! Whew….with my clowns and my plec….guess I’m going to have to eventually get a bigger tank 🙂

      Here’s a video of a 19 ” plecostomus that this guy eventually sold to a store that had a huge pond in front.

      You got me started though, Lisa…I had to go and google the zebra plecostomus…oh my, now I want one…they are sooo pretty!! haha….
      hey, I just realized that the zebra is a dwarf version of the plec and only get to about 3 inches long!! yay….that’s what I need!! 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      BTW Lisa, I have one of those aquarium magnets and they are wonderful, but I was hoping my plec would take care of that algae too. He is doing a really good job in the tank though, so I guess I shouldn’t expect too much lol.

  3. Joann says:

    I’m finally catching up…the cichlids that we had were yellow and purple and I remember them being African. The lady who sold them to me said they were community fish and since I didn’t know a thing about it…I remember that they ate my neon tetras, my glass fish, and the black and orange sword-tails too. I was so horribly sad by the whole experience. The only fish I have had since have been the fighting fish and after my last one died I vowed to never again have one. Sir Lancelot would come to the top of his bowl while I was doing dishes and I loved having him come to greet me when I fed him too. I guess 3 cats are enough of the animal kingdom for me!

    • Victoria says:

      oh man, I’m so sorry, Joann, that it was such a bad experience for you! That lady at the pet store had NO IDEA what she was talking about (obviously) and should have been fired! Even the labels on the fish say aggressive…shame on her! Maybe they didn’t say that back then. But the good thing is that the fish are normally labeled “aggressive” or “community” now, but if not, I would research them yourself before adding any. I understand how you feel. I would be horrified if my fish were all eaten up by an aggressive fish…how sad.Don’t give up though….do you still have your tank?

      • Joann says:

        I don’t, after all of them died we converted the tank to raise Anoles. Then we had fire bellied toads and when we moved to Ohio for the first time I gave the tank to our friend’s son who loved and still does love everything that crawls on belly or four legs. Over the years we have had other tanks filled with rats, mice, amphibians of all sorts, but no more fish. We have determined that we aren’t going to have any other animals except the cats.

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