My German Blue & Yellow Rams & my Cory Kitties…

Well, the video of the Rams from my last post never did load properly, but I’ve created a new one. In case you forgot what the Blue & Yellow Rams look like as adults. Here’s a couple of pictures to remind you:

Yellow Ram

Blue Ram

Here’s another one, it starts with my blue ram, who will get more colorful as he gets older, then my angels, who are like little puppy dogs and always have to get in the center of things :)…then a couple of black-skirted tetras, a neon or two dart in, and then a glimpse of my yellow ram…

Here’s my Cory Cat…he always comes alive at night 🙂

and he just keeps on swimming…

just like the energizer bunny 😛

Happy Saturday! 🙂

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One Response to My German Blue & Yellow Rams & my Cory Kitties…

  1. lammilee says:

    That’s alot of blurry, fast fish…..but when I do see them focused…..WOW! Vicky your fish are beautiful! Why you could just turn off the TV and be totally entertained and/or calmed. Someday I hope to have a fish tank….then of course you will have to walk me through setting it up so I don’t inadvertantly KILL them! So nice! Love it!

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