My New Little Clown …

I have my new clown fish! I only have one right now, but I have two more on order! 🙂 It didn’t take long before my clown (haven’t named him yet) started making my tank his home. In his adventures he found my long fin & red minor tetras and began following them around. I think he now thinks he’s a tetra 🙂

I guess because they are red, like him, he thinks he’s one of them 🙂

He’s so cute, I’m loving him so far…can’t wait to get the other two clowns, then they will really be fun to watch…so here’s another video for you to watch :). You’ll have to pardon me, it’s like a new mom showing you pictures of her kid walking, pictures of her kid jumping, pictures of her kid sitting down… 😛

Even one of my guppies was very curious about the new clown in the tank 🙂

Then I also got a couple other fish with my clown today. I got a German Blue Ram and a German Gold Ram. Here’s a couple pictures of what they will look like mature and then, of course, a video to show you my Blue & Gold :).

Mine are still babies, so they don’t have their full coloring yet. However, they will get there! I try to zoom in on the blue and the gold one…see if you can spot them.

BTW…I’ve gotta give my clown a name…so I’m open to suggestions! 🙂 (Not Bozo – for all you Chicagoans :))

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6 Responses to My New Little Clown …

  1. Lisa says:

    Well, it won’t let me look at the video of your rams, but I’ve always liked rams. I’ve never lived in a place where the water was good for them, though, so short of having them in my store aquariums when I was working retail, I haven’t had any. Your clown loach is cute as can be! If you ever want another schooling fish that is fun to watch, try corey cats. They are little bottom feeders that look like they have tiny mustaches, and I always think they look like little old men. They are always busy nosing around and dancing up and down the glass. Not quite as cute as clown loaches, but definitely as much fun!

    This is making me want to set up an aquarium again! The movers broke my tank when we got to FL. I still have the rocks and the filtration system, though filters are probably much improved by now. Where did you get your set-up? Is it a 20 gallon? I can’t tell from your photos/videos.

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