Clowns in my tank…

You remember my snail problem? Well it’s getting a little bit better since I’ve been luring them with lettuce and cucumbers. I’ve altually caught about 130, but there’s that many, if not more, left. So, I’ve decided to go with a clown loach because, well, they are pretty and they eat snails! Take a look 🙂


Now I know that any of you aquarium enthusiasts are probably shaking your heads and saying “sheesh, doesn’t she know that those things can get 10 inches long? Well, yes I do know that…but I also know that they take a very long time to do that and who knows by then I’ll either have a bigger tank setup or I will sell him/her. The lady at the Bluewater Zoo said that when they are older and bigger you can sell them for a pretty penny :).


I’ve researched these loaches extensively and the only thing I’m concerned about is that the lady at Bluewater Zoo said clown loaches can be alone in the tank, but all my research says they are very social and you need to have at least 5 in your tank or they don’t do as well….whoops! 😉

If you have 5 or more you get to watch the clown loach dance which is a vertical dance and from what I hear, quite spectacular!


Aren’t they pretty?! I hear they are named appropriately as well since they are real clowns in the tank :). I’m getting kind of excited about my new clowns 🙂




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2 Responses to Clowns in my tank…

  1. Lisa says:

    Clown loaches are one of my all-time favorite fish. They are quirky and funny, not to mention really cute! Though five would be nice, you can at least mimic a small school with three. And you are correct…they don’t grow so quickly that they are likely to outgrow your tank anytime soon. And if they do, I suspect you’ll love them so much that you would get another tank rather than get rid of them!

    • Victoria says:

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve read online, Lisa, they very quickly become favorites! I’m excited…I’m even going to save a few snails from my tank to start a breeding tank to feed them 🙂 I’m also looking up how to raise African Red Wigglers (another favorite of the clown) 🙂

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