Beautiful Sunset…

It was a long day at work today (and all week). So when 5:00 rolled around I decided to take the long way home so that I could drive by the bay. I could see over the treetops that the sunset was going to be well-worth seeing! I  was right….it was spectacular. I reached for my cell phone to snap a picture to share with you and realized that I’d left my cell phone at home today.

What a shame to miss getting a picture of the sunset. So I thought I’d describe what the bay looked like for you. The water was so still that it looked like glass which allowed the pink, purple and blue sky to be reflected so strongly that the water actually looked pink. The scene was just like out of a movie where the couple goes off to their cottage on a hidden ocean cove, they walk along the beach while the seagulls are swooping down to catch their evening meal and the boats, tied in the harbor, wait patiently for the next adventure out at sea….you know that movie? Well, it was just like that! 🙂  I can’t even do it justice…but it really was breathtaking.

But since I can’t share pictures of tonight’s sunset, I thought I’d share some other beautiful sunsets with you…




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