Doggy wins…

Tonight I was watching a movie called Limitless and it was just getting to an intense part when my two dogs, who had been contently sleeping on the rug while I watched my movie, decided they needed something. They got up and started tag-team circling me while they panted heavily. This is always a sign that they want to go outside or want something to drink or just plain want something.

However, I was determined to ignore them and make them go back to laying on the rug without interrupting my movie. It was not really working, but I was successfully ignoring them.

Then my older dog, Lady, quietly came over, took a look at the remote control that was on the ottoman (on which I had my feet propped) and “purposefully” laid her head on top of the remote and shut the tv off! I couldn’t believe it! Not only could I not see the intense scene that was going on, but suddenly the remote for the dvd player didn’t want to stop the movie. I couldn’t even get the dvd player to shut off, so I had to get up and unplug the dvd player from the wall.

But,  of course, that caused my movie to start back at the beginning again….*sigh*. So, I let the dogs outside, gave them a drink, gave them a treat, and realized that the office was going to be on in 5 minutes…so I decided to watch the office before I went back to watching my movie…

Guess my doggy won that one. I also decided to write this blog before I went back to watching my movie. But now I’m going to go back and find my spot in my movie and I’m also one blog closer to the music! 🙂

This is Lady, the one who shut the tv off on me. See how smart she is, she even plays xbox! 🙂

Oh look, Jazmin plays xbox too, does that mean that she is going to shut the tv off on me the next time I ignore them?

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6 Responses to Doggy wins…

  1. lammilee says:

    That is hilarious, Sis! I can even hear you….”Oh for Pete’s sake! This is ridiculous!!!” But the blog that came out it was PRICELESS!!!! And that’s how my sister ‘rolls’ cause she’s ‘cool like that!’ 🙂

  2. Joann says:

    three cats…yep they all do similar things!

    • Victoria says:

      haha…yep, my cat does the same…except for her, it’s prancing back and forth across the floor meowing the whole time until I can’t ignore her anymore. One good thing about her though, is that I don’t have to have a litter box, she does her stuff outside with the doggies and always lets us know when she has to go out!

  3. lammilee says:

    Pretty cool that your cat goes out with the dogs! I have always hated the whole ‘the nose knows’ thing when you walk in a house and KNOW they have a cat before actually SEEING a cat. I guess there are some really great new and improved kitty liters out there….but they cost alot more…and I could never buy them on a strict budget! Since your cat joins the doggy club…. Walla! Problem solved!!! 😛

    • Victoria says:

      Yep! problem solved. Only time we need a litter box is when we go on vacation and someone else watches her (in case they aren’t around to let her out). She never has accidents either…it’s wonderful. All my other cats had anger, revenge, territory issues that resulted in them, at times, peeing in the house. But Mia doesn’t seem to have very many issues and she prefers to go outside. Everyone’s dream cat that Mia is!! ❤

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