Autumn…in more ways than one…

This is the newest addition to our family! Her name is Autumn Isabelle Van Patten! She is a little chihuahua/terrier mix. I think that sometimes people say a dog is a terrier mix when they have no idea what the dog is really mixed with. But to me (at least at this stage, she looks like she has the body length and the short stubby legs of a “wiener dog” (Dachshund). But we’ll see. She’s only 10 weeks only :).

Yesterday when I came home from work I entered the room to find Jenny, Vanessa, & Jassie all sitting on the couch with their camera phones held high, video-taping me. The first thought that went through my head was “They’ve booby-trapped the house”. They continued to film and I asked what am I walking into? Nothing but smiles and a few nervous laughs, but they assured me that there were no booby traps set :). I really wish I had a picture of them taking a video of me…it was hilarious.

I asked what they were filming me for and they said “We wanted to see your reaction” and just as those words left their mouths I saw what they were filming “my reaction” for. There, on Vanessa’s lap, sat a very calm, adorable little puppy.

They got the reaction they were looking for….”NOOOOOO, we can’t have another dog!” After all, we already have 3 dogs – Lady (14 yrs. old), Jazmin (8 years old) and Kelso (4 years old). We didn’t need another dog….but they all said (in unison) … “Just hold her for a minute”….oh my….

So off to Petsmart we went to buy a new leash, a new harness, puppy food, and, of course, a few new outfits because what doggie doesn’t need a hip wardrobe?

By the way, Autumn is not spoiled in the least…she slept in bed with Vanessa last night and when Vanessa went to work, she joined me in my bed.

So here’s Kelso’s new little sister, Autumn. I guess she’s here to stay…I am such a sucker!

Here’s Autumn’s other sister, Lady…

and Autumn’s other sister, Jazmin.

Welcome to the family sweet, adorable little Autumn! I know it’s not going to take long before you’ve stolen away with our hearts!! ❤

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5 Responses to Autumn…in more ways than one…

  1. Yes….dear Sister of mine…….you are a sucker! But I love, love, LOVE your all encompassing heart that leaves no person or creature out in the cold! You are the defender of all who are under fire….all who are about to go down with the ship……all who are motherless or fatherless! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! ❤

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