Relativity of Life…

You ever notice that when you’re a kid, that life looked a whole lot different than it does now? Things were so much bigger, never out-of-reach, and you felt like you had more power…you could do anything if you just set your mind to it. Life was also less complicated and more magical. Maybe the magic of life came from the lack of responsibility that comes with being a child.

I’ve always tried to keep the magic of childhood alive, but let’s just face it, adulthood tends to kill any childhood magic that you might have stuffed in your pocket from an earlier time. Sometimes I just want to be a kid again where life was fun and carefree and the biggest thing I had to worry about was if my stuffed animals were all tucked in properly under the covers before I went to sleep. Course, my life was never really like that, but it’s how childhood should be :).

I like to bring back some of the magic of childhood, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas time! But not all was magical in childhood…especially not in mine. I was kinda a weird kid because I LOVED vegetables! It didn’t matter what kind they were…broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, sweet peas, green peppers….you name it, I probably loved it. There was one exception to this love of vegetables though, and that was corn. If the corn was on the cob, I loved it…smothered in butter and sprinkled with salt…mmmmmm! But take the corn off the cob and I lost all interest. Not sure exactly why, but I’m still this way today.

The thing that enabled me to love vegetables was not so pleasant though. It was in my first foster home. We had a HUGE garden and lots of fruit trees. Every year I worked in those gardens and helped my foster mom in the kitchen canning and pickling everything from the garden. We had this big black really OLD stove down in the basement that we used every year when canning season came around. It was a gas stove and it was always my job to go downstairs in the musty old basement and turn on the gas and light that old stove. It scared me to death. I always thought the stove was going to blowup in my face! As soon as I’d get it lit I’d run like the wind to get out of that basement!! (Picture the basement furnace in the movie ‘The Burbs’ and you’ll get the idea about this stove).

Then it was the job of the foster kids to load up the wagon with vegetables and go around the neighborhoods selling the vegetables to whomever would buy them. We weren’t allowed to come home until the wagon was empty, but my foster mom never packed us a lunch and sometimes we’d be out all day. We would get hungry and so we’d eat the raw vegetables from the wagon…peppers, tomatoes, carrots. This is where I got my love of vegetables…not the best way a child should learn to love to eat vegetables, but none-the-less, it was the way I learned.

So I can say that I am thankful that I got the opportunity to sell vegetables from the wagon as a kid because it gave me a love for vegetables. Even though as a kid I wasn’t grateful for the all-day adventures of selling veggies in that manner, but I am grateful for the result…my love for the flavor of FRESH, home-grown vegetables and back-yard gardens!!

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6 Responses to Relativity of Life…

  1. Lisa says:

    Lighting that furnace basement would have terrified me, too! Yikes!

  2. Laurie Wade says:

    Whoa, I’m glad it made you love veggies. Your story made me cry. 😦

  3. Joann says:

    New appreciation here, for a lot of things!

  4. I can relate to the whole ‘love of veggies’ thing. It seems that in my birth of loving veggies…it was that we had so many veggie-less meals. A poor, large family…..surviving…..meant economical and budget conscious meals that usually meant no fruits or vegetables. Beans and rice….stews that were minimal….just any way to feed 8 kids. So…..when veggies came into view….I was an adult. Not sure what it was that made be so hooked on fresh veggies and fresh fruits…but it was like ‘gourmet’ to me on first bite. There were so many times as an adult that I indulged on fresh fruits and veggies that I felt almost criminal. Why is it that fresh veggies and fruits cost so much more than eating ‘unhealthy’, according to nutritionists near and far? It should be outlawed as criminal! Why? Because any family struggling to make ends meet and feed for the health and well being of a family…..finds themselves on the short end of the stick. I loved your story of the birthing of your love of veggies, Sis!

    • Victoria says:

      Yeah, that always puzzled me too why healthy foods are more expensive than artery clogging foods…doesn’t make sense. What really kills me is when foods are tampered with (bleached, etc.) and all nutritional value is removed, then they add it back in…they are less expensive than if they just left it alone (whole grain and natural raw) – which are more expensive….it’s a crazy, mixed-up world!

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