Alligator on a stick…

…and it was yummy! I never go into a restaurant craving alligator. I don’t think the words “oh I really want some alligator” have ever gone through my mind when I’m thinking about what to cook for supper. It’s not really something that I would typically eat on a day-to-day basis. I’ve never seen it sold in the local stores. As far as I know, one would have to drive all the way to Mississippi or Alabama to “get some” if one were craving alligator.

However, every year at the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival there is a booth that serves alligator on a stick and I have to have some. It’s really quite good and I don’t know why I don’t really think of it any other time except for Mullet Festival Time. There is one other time that I had alligator…it was while we live in Alabama….there is a little restaurant called Gator’s Plaza Cafe….the alligator was really good there! (I’ve heard this place is closed now, but I’m not sure…)

What does alligator taste like, you say?  To me…alligator tasted like very tender salty chicken….each of the 4 times I’ve eaten it.

Then, of course, the perfect dessert is a funnel cake, which is another thing that you can’t just get anywhere, however most people have at least tried one at their local country fair.  By the way…Oli loved funnel cake too, but then what’s not to love?!

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One Response to Alligator on a stick…

  1. Joann says:

    Oh my, we as a family had alligator once while living in the south. IT does go through my mind that I would love to have some alligator!! In fact, just recently, Bean, the 15-yr-old, proclaimed that is the reason she misses the south. She would really like some alligator. I don’t think we are going to find any is South Los Angeles!!

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