An English Florida Day….

This whole weekend (including today) has reminded me of living in England. The overcast skies, the cool, drizzly weather all make me want to sit in a cozy little tea shop and have some clotted cream with scones and some earl grey tea!

I remember when we first got to England I couldn’t get warm. I think I froze for the first 2 weeks of my time there. Then I realized why the British like their tea…because the chill in the air is a damp cold…it chills all the way to the bone. Drinking tea warms you up!

The first 4 months in England were cloudy, cold, wet and drizzly. We thought that we would never get out and experience the country. Then we decided to not let the rain stop us, so we got some Wellies, umbrellas, & rain coats and began to go walking on the footpaths and we realized that the English people don’t let the weather stop them either :).

Anyway, the weather in Florida these past few days has made me long to sit in the little English Tea shop on one of our favorite little towns in England….Bourton on the Water 🙂

Enjoy the pictures and enjoy a spot of tea and some clotted cream scones… ahhhh the memories!


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10 Responses to An English Florida Day….

  1. Laurie Wade says:

    I’ve never been there and I want to go sit and have some tea with you there….and those biscuits look yummy!!

  2. lammilee says:

    I that soooo made me wanna take to the path…how cool that one of the footpaths was called ‘Saints Way’. That’s not a segregation of the classes, is it? Ok, a few questions: What exactly is the nature of clotted cream? And are Wellies the same as galoshes or rain boots? I’m assuming yes, since there were all those boots lined up in one of the pics! Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories and how absolutely fitting that Jenny would name her son, Oliver! Since she was born there, it is perfect! ❤

    • Victoria says:

      Hey Sis, Clotted cream is a really thick cream that just has a wonderful flavor. It’s made from the cream that’s taken off the milk – straight from the cow (raw & unpasteurized) …. here’s a blog that shows how to make it:

      To answer some of your other questions: Wellies are the same as rain boots. It’s just what the British call their rain boots 🙂

      It was sooo cool to take the footpaths. We walked many of them. The really cool thing about the footpaths was that no matter where they go…through someone’s fields, cow pastures, etc. you were allowed to walk because the footpaths have to be honored. We even went on one footpath that the people actually built their house over top of the footpath (an archway to go through on foot) because they were required to leave it open for people to walk. I don’t think the name “Saints Way” was a segregation of the classes, but you never know….regardless…everyone is allowed on the footpaths 🙂

  3. lammilee says:

    P.S.) Have you noticed that until I have more time to blog again…..that I am living vicariously through YOU??? LOL!

    • Victoria says:

      haha…yes, and I love it! However, I’m anxious for you to be able to start blogging again. Maybe you could write in your blog as if it were a public diary…record what you do all day…your day with Elizabeth, etc. It might be fun 🙂

      • lammilee says:

        I would have to record a weeks worth ’cause that’s how infrequently I am home at the ‘puter. When I am home, it’s not long enough to get things done or even totally unwind enough before having to go back. I will be glad when this ‘chapter’ of my life draws to a close! 🙂

        • Victoria says:

          yeah, I know it’s rough…wish Elizabeth had a computer at her house. You might be able to sell it to them as a way to record her progress and stuff… 😉

  4. Joann says:

    I feel that cold chill here in So. CA. It’s downright cold here, not just during a certain season, but most of the time. The fog and ocean breeze keep me cold. I have come to enjoy the hot tea and coffee even more here! Your pictures reminded me of our time in Germany, not the same, but it brought memories back from there. Sure would like to go back over the pond!

    • Victoria says:

      We were in Germany too (after England)…what part of Germany were you in? We were at Spangdahlem and loved it!! We didn’t want to come back to the states…

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